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  1. OldSmokie76

    Low stress training and pimpin out a new strain.

    Gifted some new genetics. New for me but a classic in the cannabis community. Lemon G. Gonna train and veg this thing to become a mother. I'm open to suggestions on LST techniques. She's roughly 2-3 week old clone. One feed of NFTG. Ready for manipulation.
  2. OldSmokie76

    Let's play guess that deficiency

    So I'm looking over some leaf charts and trying to figure out some plant issues. Veg about 60 days old. Slight mite issue early. Treated with Dr Zymes. Using recycled soil. ph in the low 6's. Only amended soil. With two waterings using cal mag plus normal waterings. Allowing soil to dry a bit in...
  3. OldSmokie76

    Vipar Spectre p1500

    Anybody have experience with the new viparspectra series? I'm considering a couple. P1500. I can currently get them for $100. Great price for 150w actual draw.
  4. OldSmokie76

    DIY LED utilizing existing drivers

    Any help or push in the right direction is much appreciated. Any led builders out there? My goal is to use some existing drivers from a couple blurples to power some new tech. Either cobs or strips. Ultimately, this diy led will be inside a cabinet grow. If i can only get a small veg light...
  5. OldSmokie76

    DIY perpetual cabinet build. Q&A

    Hello farm. Been a while since I've been around. Currently have nothing going. Planning a cabinet build for my reboot in the near future. My goal is to build a plywood cabinet in which i hope to create a perpetual grow. Utilizing LED and attempting to automate the environmentals as much as...
  6. OldSmokie76

    Oooooo-ooooooo, that smell.... Let's talk odor control.

    I wanted to get a conversation rolling about everybody's set up for environment exhaust and outdoor control. Some lucky members have the luxury of living in a legal environment. They don't have to concern themselves as much with odor as many other farmers out there. Although I'm sure a majority...
  7. OldSmokie76

    Calling all Michigan heads...

    I'm headed north for some fishing in the Erie area 7/14/19. I'd like to hit up a dispensary. What's the deal with recreational laws and where's the hot spots in the Erie area? Possibly looking to grab some seeds locally too. Seeds available or no personal cultivation?
  8. OldSmokie76

    San Diego area seeds...

    I have a friend traveling to Cali next week. He's willing to do some seed shopping for me but I have no clue where to start. I've been hesitant to mail order anything as my current state status is medical only. If my friend was to check out the area to purchase seeds, what's good in your hood...
  9. OldSmokie76

    Experimenting With Lst....

    So, along with my Ongoing Soil diary, I'm starting a documentation of my current experiments with LST. Grab your tie dye. Put on some trippy music and tag along. I'm using a couple Deathstar clones. They respond well to some manipulation. A brief pic timeline to current day.
  10. OldSmokie76

    Shed Some Light On The Subject...

    Where's everybody getting their light fixtures? Diy kits? Preassembled? I've been researching what I can and still have questions about best place to buy and what equipment. Hps is pretty straight forward. I guess I'm more interested in boards or cobs. I can build a kit, which seems to be best...
  11. OldSmokie76

    Rso Sludge, Now What?

    I made some RSO like material using ethanol and evaporated the alcohol. The tincture sat for months. I recently allowed it to passively evaporate in an exhausted cabinet over the span of a few days without heat. The end result is pictured below. This is just a small portion of the original...
  12. OldSmokie76

    Cobs, Quantum Boards, Strips And Pucks, Drivers, Heatsinks.... Where To Begin?

    I've been under hps for the past two years. i use t8 and blurples for veg. I'm ready to jump into the deep end with some new lighting and I'm not quite sure which route to go. Been researching a bit. Looking thru the diaries at other farmers' lighting tech. Pricing different combinations and...
  13. OldSmokie76

    Literally, Oozing With Resin!

    So, I don't grow the dankest, bestest most spectacular cannabis, but this particular harvest has provided a nice surprise. If I'm not mistaken, this bud is crying sweet tears of golden resin. My camera isn't awesome, so I'll post original pic and you can zoom in for viewing. I'll try to post...
  14. OldSmokie76

    Burples....suggestions For Emergency.

    I've used em for a couple years now for veg. No complaints. My current 600w took a sh$&! I'm looking to get a replacement ASAP. Amazon is saturated with all varieties. They even have some plug n play cob. Any suggestions? Ordering tonight. Need to veg about a 4x4 area. 1000w led I'm guessing.
  15. OldSmokie76

    Cloning Q's

    Seeded plants tend to grow very symmetrical. Clones have an asymmetric node spacing. From what I've experienced. Is this the general consensus? If clones are taken from a symmetrically developing plant, will the clone remain symmetrical in node spacing and development, or am completely off the...
  16. OldSmokie76

    So, I Made A Tincture. Now What?

    I used about 2 oz of dried flower scraps, fluff and trimmings to create an ever clear extracted tincure. I allowed it to rest in a dark cool place for approx 90 days. I recently strained thru cheesecloth and a coffee filter. I now have a nicely filtered tincure. Couple questions.... 1) Any value...
  17. OldSmokie76

    Pollen Question

    Dumb question.... Do dispensaries or any breeders collect and sell/provide pollen to the general public? If I wanted pollen from say an area around San Diego. LMAO.
  18. OldSmokie76

    Transplanting Just Before Flower?

    Do you think a plant should have some recovery time from transplant before starting 12/12? Continue veg for a week before flip? Transplant shock won't effect the veg to flower transition too much? Anybody see any major delays in the flower stretch?
  19. OldSmokie76

    Diy Compost Teabag

    I purchased a small 3gal compost tea bubbler/brewer. Very interested in the benefits of compost tea and living organic soil. After assembling the brewer, I realized it did not come with a mesh brew bag. So I made one. I used some left over silk screen mesh from a DIY dry sift screen. Stitched...
  20. OldSmokie76

    Thug Nuggs???

    I'm trying to find the origin of a strain that is supposedly from Cali. Not sure where? Just got some. It's here in the Midwest and I'm going on second hand knowledge. I'd like to know the cross. Can't even find anything about it. I'll get a few pics of these delicious looking buds in the...
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