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  1. mayonnaise

    Anyone Plant In The Ground

    If you don't have gopher issues, just plant and top dress. I only grow about 10 outdoor plants a year but they always go straight in the ground and they love it.
  2. mayonnaise

    germinating alien gernades and alien purple kush

    That will be close enough. I have an eight bulb 4' t5 that sits approximately 1' above the dome and it works just fine. The dome will also keep the temps up during early germ/growth. Sounds like you are gonna be fine.
  3. mayonnaise

    germinating alien gernades and alien purple kush

    I don't think Wayne posts on here much anymore that thread is a few years old. But to answer your question you can crack the vent on the dome a little but not much. I'd leave the dome on till they are at least a couple inches tall. Seedlings are very delicate and the extra moisture in the air...
  4. mayonnaise

    I Need A Tactical Mite Nuke, Systemic Miticide What Works Best

    floramite works but not on broad mites. You didn't say what kind of mites they were but if there are broads in the mix you are gonna need forbid. Dipping has always worked best for me but if the plants are too large just make sure you get really good coverage. It only takes a couple missed to...
  5. mayonnaise


    a lot of stress factors can cause a single flower or two that could result in a rogue seed. As long as your girls aren't full of seeds don't worry to much about it.
  6. mayonnaise


    If it's just one or two seeds you're good.
  7. mayonnaise

    Yields Question

    How many plants per light? How long in veg? Any other specifics would help to judge
  8. mayonnaise

    Simple Question: How Often Do You Change Your Hps?

    Every February for me , I've never noticed a big drop off till after the year mark. A lot of people swear it drops off for them earlier but I've never observed that in my rooms. I picked a month a long time ago and stuck to it so I don't forget. I don't always read back in my grow diary and...
  9. mayonnaise

    Ebb Flow Root Question

    Love smart pots, can't hurt for you to give em a try. They aren't crazy expensive so won't break the bank if you don't like em. I've used em for years in my flood and drain tables and they last a long time if you take it easy on them. If you do like em I suggest getting a good amount so you can...
  10. mayonnaise

    Game of Thrones

    Dragon stone has dragon glass all around it so fuck it just make arrow heads and shit and go to battle old school style. There are a few other valerian steel swords around. Brianne has one and Joffrey had "heart eater"
  11. mayonnaise

    Seeds / Cuts In La?

    The best selection of seeds is right here on the farm but local to LA the best option is TLC collective (in my opinion). Fuck cuts unless you KNOW it is what is advertised. Way to many bugs and shitty cuts roaming around the clubs.
  12. mayonnaise

    Mold? Fungus? First Outdoor Grow And Already Running Into Issues...

    At first glance that looks to me like runny bird shit. The pattern seems to extend from one leaf finger to another like splatter. I've been fooled before by the same thing.
  13. mayonnaise

    California Pg&e

    How many lights, fans AC etc.?
  14. mayonnaise

    I get High with a little help from my friends....

    Lemon cookies and big bud sound like a great combo. Can't wait to see what comes out of that
  15. mayonnaise

    So Cal Cannabis Cup

    I wish I could cut a sweet mullet! It just gets buzzed.
  16. mayonnaise

    So Cal Cannabis Cup

    Not for years! I didn't sell out, I bought in. Plus I cut my own hair so that has something to do with my " look".
  17. mayonnaise

    So Cal Cannabis Cup

    I look like a fat old cop so neither of them like me.
  18. mayonnaise

    So Cal Cannabis Cup

    The emerald cup is a little more laid back. But it's getting to be a little more youth oriented like the high times cup is. I would say 50% more hippies at the emerald cup. Good or bad only you can make the call for yourself. Smelly dreads vs. loud mouthed kids. I'm calling a tie
  19. mayonnaise

    What Is The Meaning Behind And/or How Do You Pronounce Your Handle?

    People usually spell it incorrectly so it's available on boards and fan sites etc. plus I'm as white bread as they come. I guess Will Ferrell is using mayonnaise as a nickname in his upcoming movie so I'm positioned to be pretty awesome!
  20. mayonnaise

    How Do You Travel When You Grow?

    I leave mine for a couple 10 day stretches a year. Nerve racking shit! I am automated and have a friend that looks in to make sure there aren't any disasters, but he's not qualified to do anything but shut shit off that's broken or add water to a res. the more you do it the easier it is to let...
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