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  1. GanjaFarmer24

    GrowHobo and Spider Farmer SE5000

    I took a 5 gallon bucket and dropped a little aquarium air stone in the bottom. I aerate and ph adjust my feed water for 24 hours before using it. I can also positively attest to using 50/50 tap water and steam distilled.
  2. GanjaFarmer24

    Do si dos 33 ready for harvest after 6 weeks in flower?

    Make sure you're watering enough. Dry soil can cause early orange'ing
  3. GanjaFarmer24

    Theyre first night out .i hope theyll be ok

    I use everclear. 76% ethanol Remember to do a winterize soak step to remove waxes.
  4. GanjaFarmer24

    Few questions regarding roots in coco

    Yes, as the plants get bigger their hunger and thirst grow as well. Spend time with your plants, they will tell you what they want.
  5. GanjaFarmer24

    GrowHobo and Spider Farmer SE5000

    You won't regret extra veg time. String a net and keep training. 👍
  6. GanjaFarmer24

    2nd grow in tent still need help

    I always went 18/6. Never saw less growth and saved some electric. Does your light have a dimmer? Can you turn it up?
  7. GanjaFarmer24

    OldManRiver's 2021 PNW Outdoor Girls - White Widow and Blue Dream

    Looks like another 9 weeks bud. Have you thought about defoliating some? I'd anticipate harvesting 1/2 pound per plant. Do you have one of those usb 120x zoom cameras for checking resin maturity?
  8. GanjaFarmer24

    thunderfuck outdoor 30 days to harvest

    What size is that container?
  9. GanjaFarmer24

    Dirtbag is poppin a tent!! ⛺ Adventures with the Spiderfarmer SF4000

    Haha, great stuff. 😁 👍
  10. GanjaFarmer24

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  11. GanjaFarmer24

    Amekins’ Fantastical Faerie Garden Grow Diary

    Your garden is so pretty!😸
  12. GanjaFarmer24

    Killing Autoflowers and Learning to Grow Organically :p

    I start my seeds in jiffy pucks or 1.5" rockwool cubes and I add a bunch of Coco Coir and Perlite to my soil. Gotta watch out starting seeds in too big a container, it makes it harder to water. I never start seeds in a container bigger than a 16oz red solo cup.
  13. GanjaFarmer24

    August Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF4000 LED Grow Light

    #spiderfarmersf4000 Congrats Chucky.
  14. GanjaFarmer24

    Killing Autoflowers and Learning to Grow Organically :p

    I do a real light mist maybe twice a day during lights on, helps keep the humidity nice. You gotta remember the plant doesn't have big roots or leaf surface area to maintain, it doesn't need much.
  15. GanjaFarmer24

    Killing Autoflowers and Learning to Grow Organically :p

    Early seedlings, I just mist with a spray bottle.
  16. GanjaFarmer24

    Massachusetts Super Skunk now available on strainly

    I agree. In my state the mmj dispensaries sell 1/4oz for 70-80. I could buy 2+ ounces there, but it'd cost me $500. Even with the water and electricity costs, so far I'm in it maybe $280. I'm already getting set up for the next go. Definitely going to get a bigger light this winter and use my...
  17. GanjaFarmer24

    Massachusetts Super Skunk now available on strainly

    I took $100 out of my medicine budget one month to buy my tent and the next month the light. I figured if I got a decent harvest, it'd pay me back. 2 plant harvest was 3.8 oz, so I think im at break even after 1 round.
  18. GanjaFarmer24

    New to growing, are these pollinated females, hermies or are they okay?

    A couple seeds in your weed isn't the worst thing that can happen. Sell em.
  19. GanjaFarmer24

    Bud Goodman's Perpetual Thread of Perpetually Good Buds, Man.

    Sheeesh, thats alot of flower to trim man. Great pictures.
  20. GanjaFarmer24

    New leaves turning bright green/yellow

    I dunno about ingredients list but I don't think its possible to use too much. Do both. Make sure to dig the 1-2c of castings into the surface with your fingers, break up the crust. Now is also a good time to do some de-foliation of the lower leaves that aren't getting any light.
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