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  1. Azzie

    My idea. Can i get some help?

    Im starting my first real grow. Its going to be outside sticking to quebec "laws" it will be only four plants. Im looking to grow some indicas which grow fairly quickly. This fall im prepping the soil by digging down a couple feet in my plot adding compost, 5 yr old chicken shit, 3 yr old cow...
  2. Azzie

    1000 Watt 4x4 Coco Grow Journal.

    Just posting the pictures here. First one is 2 c99 and a cheese or SLH (confusion during germination ) Next two are of a gsc and a canuk cookies. Next three pictures are of the green crack. Last picture of plants are the Grand Daddy Purple and lastly just an overhead of the grow room
  3. Azzie

    1000 Watt 4x4 Coco Grow Journal.

    One should be green crack, the other is a girl scout cookies. The issue is I don't know the growers. So it could just be there was a male of different genetics in the room. Then I wouldn't have a pure gsc or a pure green crack. But I always personally hope the grower had ok genetics and I...
  4. Azzie

    1000 Watt 4x4 Coco Grow Journal.

    Lets hope for the best eh? This is my first grow in this setup. I've grown twice now in a small closet. Decided my lighting and space was incredibly insufficient. This is my real go at it. Gonna try and post about it so I get some some good criticism and hopefully a few people helping me out...
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