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  1. hiboy


    Post any questions for electrical advice here. hb
  2. hiboy

    Check this out, pics from cell trackable. Be careful

    What do u think about this one, family member sent it to me, looks legit. I wouldnt take pics from your cell anymore. hb
  3. hiboy

    An electrical tip that may save ur sensitive equipment

    Thought i would share this, its an important rule in the electrical field and simple to remember and follow. If you ever work on your lines hot, i always suggest turning off power but if that isnt possible, think of your 120v neutral as the captain of the boat. He goes on first, and comes off...
  4. hiboy

    Wifi warehouse grow-7k-Dual Arc-Rw tables.

    Hi fellow farmers, This build has been going on for a month or so, and im about to relocate some wifi, alien fire and sfv to their new home. This is my 4th room build, and definitely the sweetest one. Go big or go home. So here it is :icon_animal26::icon_animal26::icon_animal26...
  5. hiboy

    No disrespect to my fellow farmers, but where the f are all the UC grows?

    My amigos, my brothers, my friends, my teachers, has the uc grows disappeared or am i just too fuckin hi With the new posts by the one and only J, using it for moms, should i be worried to set mine up or should i dump it on craigs list Give me some input my brother and sister growers. h
  6. hiboy

    Check out my sfvog goin on 9 weeks. SICK

    Hi fellow farmers. Wanted to share my super success this round with my sfvog. Followed my buddies (ogonly) nute schedules for this strain and he hit it right. Never had such results. Astronomical!!!!!!
  7. hiboy

    Picked up the ucxl12 today, get ready for hiboys sfvog 1st run

    Found a 12 site xl on craigs list for $1100. used once. Wont be ready till i clean out the room , got 1 month left with my tables. Almost chickened out after ready all the problems jimmyhoffa was having. Going to keep it real simple so any of you thinking of stepping up to this might wanna...
  8. hiboy

    Smell my finger

    Has that ever been said to you? My buddys bud was so sick i didint wanna touch it... Out of respect like its ya lovers goods. So he squeezed his privates and said here smell my finger. Then i looked at him and busted my ass off
  9. hiboy

    Hey yall.... new Grow room design ideas needed>>>>>

    Heres the shovel my fellow farmers I'ld like a new advanced grow room set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 10 x 12 room with a seperate small closet walk in with a size of 3 x 6 for the heat makers and control room. Its at a buddys house so i dont want to go there every day.. every...