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  1. Jon Snow

    Purple Talk And Photo's

    Here is a purple strain I really like. Girl Scout Candy from BirdDog1/MadScientist. Very nice Indica, but doesn't yield the best indoors. Very good yield outdoors though.
  2. Jon Snow

    Birddawg's Out Dough

    Hey BirdDog, good to see you back on the farm. I'm still running your Girl Scout Candy and tried it outside last year. It performed awesome. That strain will never leave my garden. Great strain!
  3. Jon Snow

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Girl Scout Candy
  4. Jon Snow

    What Is The Strongest Strain Csi Line Has

    We had great results with the Cornbread Bubba. Ran 3 seed plants and got good test results. 19.4%, 22.4%, and 23.4% THC, and CBD ranging from 0.9 to 1.3 %. Currently running running a few Mendocino Purple Kush and can't wait to see how they turn out.
  5. Jon Snow

    Girl Scout Candy

    Yeah, this is the same cross I have from a Bird Dog drop back in 2013. Definitely fire! I still have a keeper from that drop.
  6. Jon Snow

    Divine Genetics 2015 Photo Contest

    GSC s1
  7. Jon Snow

    waaynes tester thread / Nspecta's CSI: HUMBOLDT

    Very nice Waayne! I'm excited. Have a few Cornbreads about to go in the flower room. Can't wait to see...
  8. Jon Snow

    CHEM DAWG seeds from Dr Greenthumb

    I've tried several of the Doc's offerings, but the only one that is still in my garden is the Chem 4. One of my favorites! It will probably never leave!
  9. Jon Snow

    Good Heavy Sativa Strain For Outdoor Greenhouse Grow

    Hey kolah, you might want to try Lemon Skunk. I tried it outside this year and it finished relatively early with good results. Nice Sativa dominant that finishes really quick indoors. Not as nice as the 12 week Neville's Haze keeper I have, but that one would never finish outdoors where I am. I...
  10. Jon Snow

    CSI: HUMBOLDT...Round One Drop...

    I can't wait to try some fresh cornbread this winter!
  11. Jon Snow

    transplanting rooted clones into 1 gal. pots, which soil do you like?

    I agree. I've been using Black Gold with great results since I saw baba G recommend it. I used to use FF OF, but had problems burning newly potted clones of certain strains.
  12. Jon Snow

    BOG Seeds Catalog 2013-14

    @Myco Great pixs! I'm so excited, have 5 Sour Bubbles about 2 weeks old. Can't wait to see how they develop.
  13. Jon Snow

    stardawg illuminati ?

    That describes the smell of my Star Dawg keeper :)
  14. Jon Snow

    Alien Cookie OG

    It was just a guess, since I had not run either parent and also BirdDog's input on the plant photos (this one had the Alien look). However, I just recently started running a GSC S1 and definitely see the similarity now. I would agree it has a lot of GSC in it, but doesn't smell like the GSC...
  15. Jon Snow

    New BOG Seeds Drop - January 2014

    Glad to hear there will be more coming! Thanks Bog.
  16. Jon Snow

    New BOG Seeds Drop - January 2014

    Damn! I missed them again by just a few minutes.
  17. Jon Snow

    Hortilux 1000 HPS cheap...

    Yes! It happened to me and they replaced it no problem. Great customer service.
  18. Jon Snow

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Thanks! Yeah, it is currently my favotite smoke. Awesome strain.
  19. Jon Snow

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Girl Scout Candy (BirdDawg Genetics)
  20. Jon Snow

    Alien Cookie OG

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