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  1. the rrock

    Opinion on how much longer until ready?

    i would start over with better strain and lights,your just wasting your time for a couple joints,why autos?
  2. the rrock

    Trichome conditions on medical/retail cannabis

    Here in Bay area(santa cruz) the disp put out some killer AAAbud and concentrate ive only bought from a disp when displaced by forest fire for 23 days last year but many friends buy regularly. I purchase clones to throw outdoors and the reults are pretty damn good>,fatso,jelly rancher,ice cream...
  3. the rrock

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    canuk seeds=winning...........ive got their GDBlack and canuk cookies going (always consistent topshelf bud)
  4. the rrock

    Looking for powerul Indica genetics

    Canuk seeds elites, just incredible shit
  5. the rrock

    Looking for powerul Indica genetics

    Grand daddy black> brings couchlock to a whole new level>your welcome
  6. the rrock

    Collecting Genetics Is More Fun Than Stamps!

    Yeah more dust in the wind,how did greengenes turn out,anyone else try this guy?
  7. the rrock

    For Sale Romulan Genetics - Veteran Owned, Small Batch

    Ive crossed my pure romulan clone only with the gorilla bomb(bombseeds) last year ,the RomBomb is a true gem that has seemed to increase the potency and yield quite well,quite the breeder/
  8. the rrock

    Is it worth finishing these plants?

    Start over, don’ t waste any more eggshells or coffee. All you need is common sense and a lot of patience. There are some legit growers on this site but there are people here that have done a couple grows and claim to be knowledgeable. Learn from your mistakes, I was in your shoes about 50 years...
  9. the rrock

    Plants stop budding after 3 weeks

    i would try a differnt high yielding strain, sounds like your doing everything right,some of the replies youve got are mind boggling
  10. the rrock

    Slow growth? Or doing ok.

  11. the rrock

    Wats the best strain out there

    Blue Dream (santa cruz cut) easy to grow,huge yields and everyone loves the smoke.
  12. the rrock

    Wats the best strain out there

    Hindu kush Gorilla Bomb(or any gg crosses) GMO cookies NL5xHAZE(ive been growing this strain and its crosses for almost 40 years) i could go on and on,it comes down to personal preference, or if you have access to clones or grower friends
  13. the rrock


    Hi Meliss, I was banned also from RIU it was only for 30 days, this happened over 10 years and I never went back after findind the THCFARMER=If they banned you its their loss. Plenty of expert growers here and plenty willing to help. welcome young Lady
  14. the rrock

    Gorilla Zkittles. Genetics or something else?

    looks normal for most zkittles,mine have always started out a little retarded,not so much on the gg,whose did you get seed from/?
  15. the rrock

    First time growing. Its been a ride!

    have they started preflowers yet, its never too late toget them back on track
  16. the rrock

    Has Anyone Grown Out Romulan Genetics?

    RomBomb= pure Romulan x Gorilla Bomb(bombseeds)=#purfire
  17. the rrock

    Root aphids, phylloxera, root mealy bugs, or bulb mites???

    ladybugs and predator mites are a joke>amateur hour
  18. the rrock

    Can you help how long till amber.

    pull em
  19. the rrock

    Valley of California 2021 outdoor grow

    nice grow in Hells kitchen,beautiful plants brother,keep posting and hope you get your biz off and running
  20. the rrock

    Valley of California 2021 outdoor grow

    Blue Dream is one of the greatest strains ever for outddoor growers,always big yield and always super stoney
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