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  1. baba G

    If You Could Relocate Anywhere In The State, Where Would It Be? Why?

    So, read your quote above and read my last response, perfectly suited. I'm over your thread, and yes I read it. Wasn't anything I haven't heard from some young folks talking how they are gonna come to cali in a thread before.
  2. baba G

    My City Is Being Flooded With Your Garbage

    I feel for the first year, that the fresh light dep in July will be flooding the market and last years outdoor will be even cheaper than now...
  3. baba G

    Green Crack

    Imo, the Green Crack is incredibly fruity, like dried pineapple and mangos. She is fruit forward for sure, a bit of spice but the fruityness is overwhelming compared to spice I think.
  4. baba G

    If You Could Relocate Anywhere In The State, Where Would It Be? Why?

    You are right, nobody else who is competent has come to Cali to grow. You will surely change the game :smoking:
  5. baba G

    If You Could Relocate Anywhere In The State, Where Would It Be? Why?

    Paying rent and being a middle man sounds way more like what you would b good at, the slimey used car salesman seems to fit you good based on ur posts.
  6. baba G

    If You Could Relocate Anywhere In The State, Where Would It Be? Why?

    Since you know many people who have pulled this off,.why not ask them for advice or help? Moving to a legal state to ship weed over a border, which is illegal is not the move to make for a long investment...cali property will break u alone n the spots you want to be in. If you could afford it...
  7. baba G

    Green Crack

    Yeah, just found out who owns it and it is def the real deal and legit. I just wasnt aware of the biz name they were using yet. Def recommend them as they r legit
  8. baba G

    Green Crack

    Hey, FOR THE RECORD, SEEDSGEEK is legit!! I didnt know who owned it but now i do...they r legit Golden Lion Seeds
  9. baba G

    Green Crack

    Im looking into it...i do have a couple local banks selling em but have never heard of these guys... Fresh stock will make its way here too for my fellow farmers
  10. baba G

    Green Crack

    Is seedgrek an information site or seed seller? If its like leafly they may have correct info bit if its a seed slinger, there is no way they have anything to do with me. Its called Crystal Cush to celebrate the green cush, original name of green crack...
  11. baba G

    Green Crack

    Never heard of seedsgeek, def nothing to do with GoldenLion Genetics. Crystal Ship is green crack x very berry kush. Crystal Cush is green crack x crystal ship, so the Crystal Cush is starting a green crack backcross of sorts...
  12. baba G

    Hoop House Killa 2017.

    You must not be a mathematician, those numbers sound low.........
  13. baba G

    Commercial Set Up

    If your head grower cannot address this issue for you, then you need a new head grower...
  14. baba G

    Mighty Mendo-it And Banana Peel

    Sweet, glad to see them on their way :D
  15. baba G

    Origin Of Solistek Digital Ballasts?

    Yep, ill bet solistek tells youvits designed n japan and made in china to exact standards...only ballast made hortilux ballasts and when u see thr price of it...most people gawk!!
  16. baba G

    Golden Lion Purple Drink

    Looks great man!! How did the cali king do on yield? And does she have that og funk we all love? Hope you had a great season overall, everything you posted looks very on point!
  17. baba G

    Testing New Strains

    Hello Icristal! Looks great on the test run, glad you are enjoying the strain. Def a nighttime or heavy daytime smoke for movies and food lol The shortness and lack of stretch is very characteristic of the purple urkle, she doesn't jump much at all, also she has crappy bottom flowers where the...
  18. baba G

    Need Trimmers

    You have over a hundred pounds and are hiring You must really trust the unemployed...
  19. baba G

    Commercial Grow Setup

    2.5Mil for the building, what state are you in? That sounds like newyork or cali pricing...
  20. baba G

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    This just proves my view of moving to a better location...not all mountainsides are filled with those folks...
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