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    Scam warning- hg-hydroponics

    HG Hydro is not a scam.... Yea i use most of the UK sites, without any problems, 1 or 2 of them took a while to get my order but shit happens.. But as i said before there are no problems at all with hg-hydroponics.. there may have been while the guy was getting set up, but it seems all is...
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    Scam warning- hg-hydroponics

    Ive had 2 orders from them recently, one of the orders i got wrong ducting, i spoke to a guy on the phone and a replacement was sent out straight away.. so all i can say is ive had no problem's with the stuff ive ordered, and i would order from there again with no hesitation.. i got a text...
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    Jack's Under Current Grow 60 x 1000 watts 20 tons of AC and some CO2

    This room is going to be amazing, i just gotta be along for the ride!!!!
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    Keep the glass hot!!

    Some real nice work gone into that double bubbler!!! shit hot!! id love a toke out of that sick piece.. That second to last pic marble looks like Freeek's stuff, nice.. Keep up the great work Bro! oh yea & welcome to the Farm!
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    Skillet Vapor Curve

    I got hold of one of these when they came available on your site, i dont rate it at all, not that good, do i have an older version without the TI plate???.. it works, but kinda hard work.. kinda feel ripped off that another version comes out straight after the 1st!! who do they think...
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    ice water hash .vs. butane extracted hash

    BHO all the way, i prefer the totally medicated hit!!
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    Toker 2 Bong

    Drop us some pics, i aint seen one of these bongs... or at least i dont think i have...
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    question about drying

    Curing your weed well, takes almost as long as it does to grow!! dont get me wrong, i know you can smoke it after a week but it will taste like ass, compared to leaving it a few weeks, that's where you get all the amazing tastes and aromas!! :icon_cookie:
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    Passive Hydro/Wicking

    Im going to give these a go on my next run: ill see if they are any good, 12 sannie's jack and 4 sfv OG bx1 going in.. so ill be able to go away for up to 2 weeks at a time, looks worth a try.. with all my usual canna nutes and coco, i just might add some perlite to the mix..
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    New to the farm old to the game. I have questions

    BigWelcome! Look forward to checking out your pics!!
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    Jack Herer NOT dead :( but very sick!

    All smoke 1 for Jack!, and fingers crossed he makes a full recovery!
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    This frog wants to make a home in my pot

    Frog Toad whatever he is, he's found a nice spot to chill out, is it still around?
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    poll:oil yield per oz

    our yield all depends on if you are using shwag trim of trichome laden buds.. i find for weighing it a piece of waxproof paper on the scales to stop it stickin, reset em and your good to go..
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    TK has kissed the ring...

    All looking real nice n' lush Kush! i just cut 5 of the SFV OG BX1 i got from Capt Crip a couple of 420's back, got 2 phenos, 1 slightly smaller with tight nug's and the other is a better producer, and the 1 ill be keeping and running again! Look forward to seeing you grow out all these...
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    just bought volcano,, what number do i set it at?

    Hia Mosca how's it going bro!! i got rid of mine a few years back and been stuck on bongs since!! i do enjoy a vape sesh tho.. lol will i be running in to you november?? cup?
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    just bought volcano,, what number do i set it at?

    Yea i would go with 4.5 - 5 i found this the best setting for vaping, :volcano: i found if you go higher that you might as well smoke it, as you just get smoke in the bag.. great buzz, but still hard to beat the bong!! :RastaBong: :icon_spin:
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    what are the best ways to smoke oil?

    There is a swingarm attachment with titanium plate you heat with a torch, then just put oil on plate and vape away.. best using it with a little bubbler type of thing.. for my bong i do like a big thick layer of ash nicley packed with blobs of oil on, just light then take away flame as it...
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    hr's Mosca Fly Pack test

    Great Stuff!! lookin' forward to seeing mosca's new stuff grown out!! niceOne Highroller! :smiley_joint: hey mosca hope all is well bro!, ive been quiet for a while...
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    Skillet Vapor Curve

    HMK, i know it's your idea, seems there are a few variations knocking around.. I know yours is the Original.. and i also know you have a long list to get hold of one of yours!! (if poss id love to get on it) i can just order one of these to fit my bubbler.. i spotted a couple of these type...
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    Skillet Vapor Curve

    when they hit the site, ill pick one up.. niceOne ALT
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