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    Strains for Musicians

    Hey zappafan99 , I'm a guitarist too, and I just harvested some deep chunk x c99 2 mo. ago and it is the shit for playing Blues if you only take 1 big hit, any more and you forget WTF you were playing and where you where at. I find that one big hit and a small maintenance hit about every 2 hrs...
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    Violator kush clone under 400w

    Sorry Ive been MIA on this one my Friend but life happens lol !!! fine job !!! best of Friends SS
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    I sure miss Montgomery Wards

    Yea; It was kinda cool thumb'n through the old "Monkey Wards" book for hours and hours back in the day. Now I thumb through the INTERNET for hours and hours LOL things change but stay the same.
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    What do You think of the new Band "Them Crooked Vultures" ?

    I see what you mean FF but there is just something about that GUNMAN tune that puts me in the zone when I'm ripped lol ----------SS
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    What do You think of the new Band "Them Crooked Vultures" ?

    Got turned on to this new band What do you think? Grate stoner music or what !!!!!! -----------SS
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    Thc Cures Cancer

    AWESOME Post Sativaindica !!! If only humanity would just drop all the bullshit about cannabis and realize it for the wonderful gift that it is !!!-------------SS
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    What skills does growing really take?

    I was just going to say ,If your going to grow and sell You better have some acting skills because you never ever want to tell anyone you are growing. The repercussions are obvious. ---------SS
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    Is Logic Sinterklaas ?

    Read this link and you be the judge ! ANY WAY have a happy Dec. 5th all !!!-----------SS
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    Im brand new

    Hi Yoda , Like Kennie_B said do some research . You can find it here on THCF or any search engine like google will do. When you find some info on how to grow Marijuana or Cannabis sit down and read read and read some more.If you have the makings of a grower you will get hooked on reading about...
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    grow bust

    Just think what a team of farmers from THCF could have accomplished with that space and set up. Sounds like a plot for a new reality program LOL."Growers Island" ----------LOL!!!---------------SS
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    First U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland

    Even though I cant benefit from this directly I would like to thank Madeline Martinez and all the people involved in making this happen and showing there courage to support the cause .-----------SS
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    Ill bet she was just the right height and had a flat spot on her head where you can rest your beer , right? She lives next door LOL ------SS
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    WHAT A SUCK ASS !!! LOL ! I'm just Just Playing Man ----- I feel the same way you do!:hi I forgot how good this sight is un till I went back and look at some of the others. And the next time I order seeds it will be from thcbay. Looks like some good deals on there and I just have to find out how...
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    threw out all my plants no more cherry bomb

    :sign0065: I must be too high or that post was in code or both.........LOL.................SS
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    The Only Group in the History of the World to Request to be Taxed More

    I'm with ya Bro !!!! --------------SS
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    Hello Everyone

    Hope you like it here. Is it hard trying to control the temps in a garage? --------------SS
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    New to forum, but been been growin!

    Welcome to the farm. Looking forward to reading your post . You lucky dog , wish I could grow legit:envy LOL--------------------SS
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    Republican Congressman Fails to Punish Students With Drug Convictions

    Note taken ------------SS
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    Republican Congressman Fails to Punish Students With Drug Convictions

    I don't like to get all political and shit but it seems like if you don't have mega $ all the Republicans want to do is put a rope around your neck . WTF are they going to do when there is no more ( little people ) around to do there bidding and make there money for them ?
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    Oopsie! Police slash research hemp instead of pot

    Looks like cops are the same around the world with there "hooray for me and f__k you" attitude. I'm glad they got a blister on there asses. They always rush to judge and never apologize unless they are cornered. But then again the world would be a hard place to live in with out them. I just wish...
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