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  1. Enforcer

    Enforcer’s good bud grow room.

    Well, it’s been a few years since my last grow log and some things have changed. Experience is a valuable teacher. Now for some basics stats. Grow area: 4x4 Octane Grow tent from Liquidjade for flower. A 4x4 DIY veg area and 2x4 DIY mother area. Lighting: HLG 550 v2 RSPEC with 2 730nm deep red...
  2. Enforcer

    Need some help with bug identification.

    Hey all I found these little guys on the underside of one leaf (which I removed). I haven’t been able to find any others. The plants are about a month old. What do you think they are?? Thanks 🙏
  3. Enforcer

    HLG is an awesome company

    Greetings Growers. I am super stoked about HLG right now and I just want you all to know how awesome they are if you’re in the market for an outstanding LED light. I purchased an HLG550v2 a little over a year ago. This is an amazing light and will grow some fat resinous buds. But a few months...
  4. Enforcer

    First Auto, Jack Herer

    Hey Farmers I was given a Jack Herer autoflower seed and thought I would try my hand at autos for fun. I popped the seed on April 15th, planted her right into a 5gal pot of straight Canna coco. She was lovingly hand fed just around the plant until she was big enough to go on the auto drippers...
  5. Enforcer

    Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker

    I’m looking for an alternative to AN Big Bud and Overdrive. I found this stuff that sounds almost too good to be true. Has anyone used this before? What are your thoughts on it? Thanks Farmers...
  6. Enforcer

    Manufacturers Ppm Scale Info

    I see a lot of new growers are confused about which PPM scale their chosen nutrient company uses. Or they don’t even know there are different scales. I know I didn’t when I first started. Knowing which scale your nutrient and meter manufactures use could potentially save you from major problems...
  7. Enforcer

    Perpetual Cloning Question

    I have been asked this several times and I really can’t find an answer. I’m sure it’s been discussed here, I just can’t find it. So I apologize in advance if this is redundant. I’m going to take cuttings before I flip to start my next run. Root the clones and veg them a little under T5’s. Then...
  8. Enforcer

    Weekly Feed Flush

    Hey all. I was wonder what you guys and gals thought about a weekly feed flush in coco? I know salt buildup is an issue for us coco growers. Especially if the coco drys out. I’m on an auto feed system for one minute, twice a day. Which gives me plenty of run off. Do you think it would be...
  9. Enforcer

    White Widow 400w Grow.

    Welcome to my 2nd grow. Learned a lot from my simultaneous indoor/outdoor grow I just finished. I think I'm going to stick with indoor from now on. So now I'm going to embrace indoor growing completely and I DIY'ed an auto drip system. (Yes, kicking hand watering to the curb only took one...
  10. Enforcer

    Seedling Question

    I have 5 White Widow seedling started on 9/22, and planted into the solo cups on 9/23. The first three broke ground on 9/25 with the last two a few days later (might not run those ones). Phenos # 1 & 2 look great, 4&5 are slow growers, but what is up with #3? She come out of the coco and...
  11. Enforcer

    Spider Mites In Flower. Your Thoughts Please..

    Hey all The situation is, my outdoor plants are in (what I estimate) the 5th week of flower. However, that may be wrong as this is my first run. I have had a spider mite issue the entire grow. Not bad, I've been keeping them under control by treating my plants with Azamax, with the last foliar...
  12. Enforcer

    Bad Nute Burn. Will They Make It?

    Hey guys First I'll get the specifics out of the way.... 1. Are you growing from seed or clones? Clones 2. How old are your plants? Flipped to flower on 8/14. Vegged for 6 weeks. 3. How tall are your plants? SCROG 6" from top of pot. Tops 8" above SCROG. 4. What size containers are they...
  13. Enforcer

    First Run

    Hey all Just started growing this year. I've educated myself a lot over the last few months, but I lack the experience. I would like your opinions on how it's going so far. The first two pics are my Gorilla Glue #12 outdoors plant. That's a Jager plant behind it. Both started from clone at...
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