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  1. visajoe1

    Light green patterns on leaves

    what are you feeding, how often? runoff? ro or tap water? why bags around the pots?
  2. visajoe1

    Discolored, dry & dead leaves @ 5 weeks

    have you fed them anything yet? looks like she's eating herself a bit, low P are the pots sitting in runoff after water?
  3. visajoe1

    New drip feed setup today

    how i skinned my cat. saucers have one 3/16" hole, drains into tub
  4. visajoe1

    Should I keep putting branches under the scrog? I’m in flower

    trippin. balls means it hermed. your're fine
  5. visajoe1

    Need help with humidity/heat

    @robertoj86 tread lightly with the advice so far in here, looks like more folks interested in getting likes than helping you understand your environment. good news is, you're not too far off. in a nutshell, your tent temps/humidity with LED should be around 80F/64% in VEG (assuming Leaf temps...
  6. visajoe1

    New drip feed setup today

    similar setup in theory, love it. I have those same rings also, just not setup on this run. saucers have one 3/16" hole, drains into tub step stools are about 9" tall, so I dont lose much vertical space in the tent
  7. visajoe1

    Can someone recommend a trustworthy humidifier

    I use this, model MA0800, various brands. 4x4 tent in a room
  8. visajoe1

    Garden...not happy anymore. What's happening?

    Quite the turnaround in less than 10 days! Nice job 😎
  9. visajoe1

    Please help what is going on with my seedlings

    are they in a cloner?
  10. visajoe1

    Why are my leaves looking like this?

    no issue, that very slight tip burn is of no concern, the plant will grow through it. water only, 0-5% runoff, soil has plenty of food in it for few weeks if you dont flush it out
  11. visajoe1

    Garden...not happy anymore. What's happening?

    Looking good, stick with it, going the right direction now. Key is to watch new growth now, the older leaves are definitely darkening. What ec was the last feed?
  12. visajoe1

    Help Please Plants are looking ill

    flushed all the nutrients out. we also dont need calmag in soil at all if using tap water. feed her 2.5ec with runoff, drench the pots. hang back and watch until the pots are dry, then feed again 1.5-2ec throughout flower. ok to drop ec down later in flower with water only the last wet/dry...
  13. visajoe1

    can i top dress my seedlings (16days old) with worm castings?

    light is fine. forget the top dress, that takes time to breakdown and be available to plant. what nutrients will you be using? you can add worm castings to the soil you'll use when you up-pot though humidity is good, try to keep 60-65% temps can go up, 80-85 ok with LED since less IR than HID
  14. visajoe1

    Plants dying! Papery leaves/overwatered?? Please help!!

    yikes, you like a challenge, i can dig that. most try to stick to one medium, eliminates variables. in a nutshell, i think the issue is a combination of some environmental things I mentioned and your mediums. rockwool and coco/soil mix operate differently; how much differently depends how...
  15. visajoe1

    Wonky leaves, PH? Deficiency? Environment? Please help!

    I resuse my FFOF. Let the pots dry out, shake off the rootball best I can, then pick out any remaining root balls. Add dolomite lime and azomite per instructions on box and mix. Done. Lime keeps the soil buffered and azomite replenishes the trace minerals nutrients doesnt have. Also...
  16. visajoe1

    Plants dying! Papery leaves/overwatered?? Please help!!

    What medium are you in?
  17. visajoe1

    Plants dying! Papery leaves/overwatered?? Please help!!

    Few things stand out here: -needs more light (run both Mars 3000 at 100%, 24" from canopy) 250w is not enough light for your tent, they'll stay droopy. Put the LED's back in. -needs more food, bring it back to the 1350 you had it at -air temp too low, need to be 28-30c, same RH. we can run...
  18. visajoe1

    Garden...not happy anymore. What's happening?

    Maybe its just me, but I notice some improvement from the first set of pics. Definitely not deteriorating further. Hang in there How is things going today?
  19. visajoe1

    Is something wrong with My plant?

    yes overwatered. let it dry out between feed/water. when it drys out next, feed 2.5ec with plenty of runoff all the leaves i see are also saying its too hot and humidity too low. what is temps/humidity? this is why all the serrated edges are standing up, trying to cool down
  20. visajoe1

    Garden...not happy anymore. What's happening?

    Good news is this is very fixable. Just a few things stand out to me. Things will improve in 24hrs after proper feed. -needs more food. feed the veg plants full strength 3.5ec. Feed the late flower plants 1.5ec (or just use runoff from veg plants, these are almost done, not much can be done...
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