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  1. hermit186

    Marijuana Adventure

    PH of coco at 60 40 must not exceed 6.2 or .3 once and a while is not plant threating but is going to get you down the road. If it goes there often and stays Mag will be the first problem you will see and will be multiple small red lines up the stems. In coco you should be adding a small amout...
  2. hermit186

    New To Coco' And Need Some Help!

    Yes you need Cal/mag. Read some cocojoe and Seamaidan If those are in coco your in need of Cal. I pretreat my coco with Cal25. Coco is low on C from the get to. You are also showing a -Mag Also the Red lines are -Mag. You need to check your meter if you use one I use drops and check with meter...
  3. hermit186

    What's The Difference When Smoke With Tobacco Or Clean?

    tobacco if you mix weed with it it takes longer and doesn't hurt as much but the end result is the same.
  4. hermit186

    Yikes! I've Lost My Power And It's Still Out! What To Do?

    Been there with you if your black out were to last over night do change your solution. I lost the lights for 3 days and move the clock to restart after they came back on I was sure hermies would come. I am not sure they noticed. I believe it push the finish date a week or I was just being...
  5. hermit186

    Bug Prevention

    I have to add this you have two very good advices in front of me and I uses there ideas in the past and they worked I believe you should import all of it and not diluted in water. Ma nature can fix your problem but will take time. If you use the chemistry I will disagree with one but we no each...
  6. hermit186


    Fluxing PH your chopping and flushing has caused it to move around to much. When you flush you free everthing lock in the media but if the plant is Ph locked it will only absorb what that band of PH will allow the plant to take. N tox takes time and until your ph is under control or close to...
  7. hermit186

    Hermie? Start Of Male Organs?

    From the last pictures can't tell. If your a live on the edge kind person keep going. Watch close. If your growing with a bunch of other plants. If it shows more male evidence its Rabbit food now or a seed maker later. Dependents who licensed them. Licensed is a piece of paper and with the help...
  8. hermit186

    Seedlings Repeatedly Dying -please Help-

    Actually I would say yes in the right situation. I have used it several times myself and 3 others are trying to recover real Acapulco Gold. It was destroyed by paraquate in the years we sprayed Mexico. For very old seeds it's effective and makes the sprout to keep ration much better. I have...
  9. hermit186

    Problem With Small Plants

    Outside shot probably not there is something wrong with the media mix. Are they standing in water for any length of time Looks PH problem I believe your showing 3 different deficiencies usually that a PH thing.
  10. hermit186

    Seedlings Repeatedly Dying -please Help-

    Sprouting seeds can be easy or hard depending on the age of the seeds. GA3 works for old seeds but you have to watch the plants and use light almost to close to plant to keep the stretch caused by it, to a minimum. I do it for the first 2 weeks after I start feeding them. I sprout 2 ways I put...
  11. hermit186

    Curling/folding Of Lower Leaves

    The picture are not very good looked like that to me sorry and the plants look like wet feet could be a part of there problem but good luck. Why I think that. started growing before the 1st Woodstock
  12. hermit186

    Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

    This is kinda like the guy that jumped on PM I no a lot about what it can do to you but not sure all it can do to weed
  13. hermit186

    Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

    Not sure if your kidding but I have about 1K mildew and 100's of pm
  14. hermit186

    Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

    CNN hehehe Because I responded to the PM and didn't look close enough. All I see is a bit of nutrient residue. I also see some mold. I said that PM is bad for lungs I was just making a point. Why did I jump on it look at the pictures if that is not a serious problem I need to go back to...
  15. hermit186

    Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

    I have grown a long time outdoors. 30 years and then moved indoors your doing ok even with your short coming's If you have that much invested I will watch and help all I can. There are others here even if they don't agree with me who grow bigger and know more and most will help. When I moved...
  16. hermit186

    Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

    Ouch. I use filters to catch the spores. I have circulation fans pulling from down low and pushing across the top. Then I use a cloth prefilter to catch what I can Washing in mild bleach solution cleaning and changing weekly. The 6" carbon filters I am a cheepo I refill them two or three times...
  17. hermit186

    Please Help Me Is This Mildew?

    All of this and no one said it. I will, you need to stop and do what you will with what you got left. Then start cleaning. all the sproes are in your entire area. On your clothing and even your dog if ya got one. Until you get rid of it you will always have it. I kept my humidity at the number...
  18. hermit186

    Curling/folding Of Lower Leaves

    Over fed and need trimming of the bottom and your working on Ntox very early, cal/mag if you use it will put you there in the first 2 weeks of flower. If they are over fed then will bet you Ph is off also. Compounded your growing in a tray and if water stands in there for any length of time (1...
  19. hermit186

    Weird Bud Structure

    Ya that will do it has to happen more than once but if it did it daily that would be your first suspect. How is your electrical abilities you need to reed the running load if it's high or is fluxing ballast's time working is short.
  20. hermit186

    Please Help A Noob.

    Other than the ugly bottom leaves I still believe the side lights are helping that problem move them up and trim the lower leaves off that is history that new growth is Ok the tips are down making me think a bit to much water. Also You cleaned the dish your catching run off in very good. The...
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