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  1. Observationist

    Why organic nutrients do not work in coco

    Organic nutrients break down to the exact same elements that are synthetic nutrients. but using organic defeats the purpose of power feeding you’re coco plants for that sweet growth
  2. AmWeedwolf

    Why organic nutrients do not work in coco

    I'm having good success with coco and organic fertilizers. I think the key is adding CEC buffers like biochar, greensand, and compost/EWC (my mix is 10% combined biochar and EWC bv). Also coco seems to work best with slow release organic ferts like feather meal (for N) and granular minerals...
  3. PauliBhoy

    First organic soil grow help with down to earth nutrients

    ...need some good compost or worm castings, a calcium source that doesn't have Phos (like Gypsum), and a source of micronutrients like kelp, greensand, or rock dust. Top dress1/4 cup compost/EWC per gallon container every two weeks, and and either 1/2 tsp kelp every two weeks or 1 tsp rock...
  4. Dosifry

    Theyre first night out .i hope theyll be ok

    For four bales u need 1 gallon each of blood, bone and greensand and a pint and a half kelp meal don’t need much of this stuff and 1-2 bags cow manure or sheep etc. If you could bin your soul for a couple three weeks before planting time everything inside would have begun to activate. Still u...
  5. TittiBear

    First organic soil grow help with down to earth nutrients

    Yeah so far have i have Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Bio live, langbeinite, and granular humic acids. This will be my first time so a little lost. Basically I wasn't sure when I should start adding what amendment and what else would be recommended to get to go with it. Thanks for the help as I truly...
  6. AmWeedwolf

    Would adding biochar to coco make it better able to hold dry organic nutrients on there?

    Biochar is definitely good for boosting your CEC. Other things to consider include compost, worm castings, and greensand or zeolite. I add them all to my mix. Just be aware that the soil CEC only holds cations that typically end in "ium" (calcium, ammonium, potassium, etc.) as well as heavy...
  7. Teetering

    First Grow - Indoor, organic, and progress

    ...finally transferred into the final pots they are in now, 5 gallon. The recipe used bone meal, humic acid, FF happy frog, worm castings, greensand, bone mineral, kelp meal, dolomite lime, gypsum, perlite, blood meal, and epsom salts. I had run into some issues regarding fungus gnats, but...
  8. Joe Grind

    Ontario, Canada, Outdoor Growers Thread

    My girl is loving the worm pooh and bat pooh tea. As well as greensand and volcanic rock dust. Organic all the way this year
  9. PauliBhoy

    Confirmed: I'm Screwed... Aren't I?

    ...Or half of each lol I use a crazy hot soil with 6+ months of nitrogen in it but it's got worm castings, biochar, compost,, and a bunch of greensand - all of which buffer the excess nitrogen by bonding with it in the ammonium stage of the nitrogen cycle, keeping nitrate levels pretty optimal...
  10. goingtoguano

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    I run a close recipe to that of The Rev and would make a few changes. I would add some dolomite lime and use more kelp, greensand, blood-meal, alfalfa, and feathermeal. I would use less DE, granular humic acid, and langbeinite (that stuff is pretty strong). That is also a lot of all purpose...
  11. ezenzyme

    Lets talk about Rock Dusts

    Whos got the know? Most of you use some kind of rock dust, glacial rock dust, volcanic dust, greensand, azomite, lime; hydrated, fine, dolomoite, calicum carbonate, rock phosphate, to name a a few. Chime on in here! Who uses what for what applications? Who knows the science behind it?
  12. Flintstone

    Custom organic fertilizer blend gaia green

    I'm going to cook a lot of soil. Already found my ingredients and what they don't have they'll get it..... But putting a simple Gaia Green hook up with castings and fish shit. Boogie Brew for the Bloom and Namutodes every 2 weeks. Starting 12 seeds Dec 1st or 2nd.... Almost set up for a 12 too...
  13. Greatlakes

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants! dress Fish Bone Meal, Bat Guano, Crab Meal, Feather Meal, Langbeinite, Volcanic Rock Dust, Non Gmo Soybean Meal, Non Gmo Alfalfa Meal, Greensand, Phosphate Rock, Volcanic Ash and Hop Flowers. Also contains non plant food ingredients Humic Acid, Beneficial Bacteria and Beneficial Fungi...
  14. marcd455

    Custom organic fertilizer blend gaia green

    ...much much more complex ingredient list. Dr earth seems to be the closest runner up but it is missing quite a few great ingredients like greensand, oyster shell, rock dust, insect frass, blood meal, and a few other lesser important ones. Down to earth offers most of the necessary ingredients...
  15. Frankster

    Best soil mixtures: your best soil mixtures, please share. I will start: Composted forest humus Sandy loam Sphagnum peat moss Coco coir (sometimes labeled coco fiber) Perlite Earthworm castings Bat guano Fish meal Crab meal Bone meal Blood meal Azomite Pumice Kelp Dolomite lime Greensand Mycorrhizae Leonardite
  16. O

    Are some of my plants underwatered?

    ...mineralized phosphate, insect frass, mine potassium sulphate, basalt rock, rock dust, humic acid, gypsum, kelp meal, oyster shell flour, greensand. Peat moss, perlite, coconut coir, fir bark, composted porcine litter, African night crawler worm castings. 6. How often do you water and what...
  17. Buzzzz

    Are some of my plants underwatered?

    What are those white cylinders for?
  18. amekins

    Dirtbags Do-over... 🤪 Back to Organic!

  19. MIMedGrower

    Best soil mixtures:

    Sounds nice and complete. Could you share the amounts. The recipe?
  20. OkieThunder

    Mulders Chart And Soil Nutrient Interaction

    ...getting my compost tested and it was very excessive in phosphorus and I was having micronutrient problems all the time. I started using greensand for Mn and Fe but it just wasn't enough. I think that this is why the barefoot hippies compost deep rooting plants with their manure compost. I...
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