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  1. silverhaze

    Hilarious Granny pic

    Maybe they were both Christmas presents?
  2. silverhaze

    Jimmy Carter comes out in favour of legalising pot

    Go Jimmy,
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    Welcome to the Fungal, it gets worse here everyday - Fusarium Solani

    Hey Farmers, Sharing my story.. For over a year in my current location, I have battled against a wicked unknown enemy. No matter what I changed, no matter what strains I tried, I got the same result time, and time again. I refused to believe that I could be fighting something that could not...
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    U.S. Judo Fighter Tests Positive for Marijuana - More Proof War on Drugs Is a Colossal Failure

    "If alcohol and marijuana were animals, alcohol would be an anaconda and pot would be a pussycat...."
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    What a drag, Israeli firm grows "highless" marijuana

    (Reuters) - They grow in a secret location in northern Israel. A tall fence, security cameras and an armed guard protect them from criminals. A hint of their sweet-scented blossom carries in the air: rows and rows of cannabis plants, as far as the eye can see...
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    How big of a Dehumidifier needed

    This room is new and will be sealed. Dimensions are 11 x 13 x 9' - I'm running 4 x 1000's (open hoods), 22k mini split a/c in room with a dehuey but the internal dehuey won't do the job I know. Will have 30-35 rockwools going at once and I run an average temp of 78-80 lights on, 70 lights off...
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    Chem D Week 5 what do you think?

    Here's my Chem's on the first day of week 5.
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    Ph in 6.0, Ph out 4.6

    Week three Flower; I'm top feeding rockwool cubes on cocomat in trays draining to waste. Since the switch, the plants have shown various deficiencies like calcium, mg and trace elements. In this new version I can't find my photos but I have uploaded them to my page. Light green/yellow tops...
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    Nute Burn? Nute Def? Root Rot?

    Hey Guys, We posted before thinking we had root problems - - but at that point the roots were just a little fuzzy which you've all said is normal. Here we are two weeks later and things look worse. Sorry for the poor photos but what...
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    white fuzzy mold?

    Hey guys, need some advice please. Today I discovered some fuzzy mold on the bottom of my rock wool. Seems to be on most of the plants in the same way, this is the worst one. We top feed 6" cubes and sit them on coco pads. Room temp 78 lights on, 68 lights off. RM 45%. Can some recommend...
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    About to start 2nd grow question re: Multiple strains

    I'm hearing conflicting things regarding growing different strains in the same room. I've been told that plants of differing origins can adopt properties of each other when grown in close quarters. Others have told me it is perfectly fine to grow different strains in the same room. I am...
  12. silverhaze

    Smell, help!!

    All of a sudden, the smell. I was reading a thread about a/c units that said the wall unit a/c's (which is what I'm using) don't exaust the smell from your room, they only cool the air from the room and return it. Is that true because I thought that could be the problem and have been looking...
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    RO Water

    Hey guys, On week 5 Flower of my first indoor grow and all going very well. I've been using tap water with an inline sediment filter which admittedly doesn't do a lot. I've planned to go to an RO filter and I'd like to do it now since I intend to do a 7 day flush in week nine. So, can I...
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    Air Stones good or bad?

    The more I read the more I'm confused about the use of air stones in a res. I've read so many posts from people saying not to use them. So air stones or no air stones in the res? If no I'm really curious as to why and how you keep your nutes oxygenated. Thanks in advance. btw - I am...
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    Purple stems & yellow splotch/spot

    We're at the end of 4 week veg and the stems are purple and leaves kind of droopy. Any suggestions? Also, yellow splotch/spots are showing up on some larger leaves. (We foliar sprayed Eagle 20 for pm 1 week ago and flushed with clearex 3 days ago to prep for Flower stage.) Any...
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    New Farmer - Veg questions

    Hello all, I'm setting up a room that's 8'x9' and 8' high. In the room is a closet that I intend to use to veg. The closet is made of plywood, painted white and measures 4x8' but is only 22" deep. The closet will be well ventilated sharing the cooled air from the flower room. Question is...