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  1. KneeDeep34

    Freak frost might be coming

    Hello all! This year was my first time growing outside and I am at work and just saw that there was a frost advisory through 8am est.... I was planning on harvesting next week but looks like I might need to when I get home... So my question is this. If there is frost on my plants is all hope...
  2. KneeDeep34

    Michigan outdoor questions

    Hey guys... got a few questions about my first outdoor grow. While I have years of experience indoors, (have one in the works) my experience outside is limited. With the Michigan climate what can I expect? I did start later than I should have (late June) they are all about 1ft tall give or...
  3. KneeDeep34

    Need a bit of information on tents.

    I've had many years experience in growing, breeding and building things that fit my needs. I feel dumb asking but I need to actually buy a tent and I'm clueless about them. I need one that will nicely accommodate between 9-12 plants and two HIDs if possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  4. KneeDeep34

    I'm Back

    Been dormant for a while now but finally getting back to it. Cant wait to start my breeding regimen and start growing killer buds. Will start posting pics and updates as time goes on.
  5. KneeDeep34

    Sad Days Ahead.

    Sadly I am divorcing my wife due to life changes. This is a tripple wammy however. Not only am i leaving my home and children, ive got to cut my girls down. Some prematurely... Just down right blows lol. Some are in the acceptable zone but others have weeks to go and i dont have weeks... Its...
  6. KneeDeep34

    Lookking For 420 Friendly Landlord

    I wasn't sure where to post this but currently im looking for a landlord that is ok with a medical grow setup in Michigan. Preferably in Oaklnad or Genesee counties. I have no idea where to look and Ive only got a few weeks to move. Any help would be great.
  7. KneeDeep34

    Siamese Bean During Breeding?

    Found this odd bean while harvesting some seeds of a strain ive been working on... Ive harvested lots of seeds and none like this... At first i thought the shell was cracked but in fact its not at all. Its like two little seeds merged during formation... Has anyone else seen this and germed it...
  8. KneeDeep34

    Amnesia Haze Question.

    Got some Amnesia Haze seeds from a reputable source last year and started growing it out and its now fruiting with about 4 more weeks or so... My question is this... Is this strain prone to stress easy? Ive grown my share of fussy plants over the years this is just outta control... I used...
  9. KneeDeep34

    Am I The Only One Who Loves Seed Day?

    Just thought i would post some pics of some new seeds ive been working on... And just to be clear i do make my seed stock in small batches. So please dont think these all came from an entire plant lol... These seed are my strains crossed with some well known strains that ive come to love. And...
  10. KneeDeep34

    Anyone Grown Casey Jones Before?

    With many strains under my belt, ive found that some plants are laid back and chill, while others are fussy assholes lol This is my first casey jones (i only grow one plant for new strains to see if i like them) and it seems like the others are great! By others i mean G.D.P., BlueDream...
  11. KneeDeep34


    Just need a bit of advice on which way to go with this one. I will start off that I've got 10+yrs on and off growing and only around 3yrs with breeding. With that being said here's my problem. I've had my clones growing very well. (Blue Dream, Black Indica, Animal Cookie) but have noticed...
  12. KneeDeep34

    Grow Tent Question

    In the next few months, I'm going to need to switch over to a tent... I am unsure about the size I need... I generally grow 6 out and have clones waiting... What size tent would I need to grow 6 plants spaciously and won't build up to much heat from my HPS?
  13. KneeDeep34

    Looking To Upgrade My Lights

    I'm going to be upgrading my lights. Now I've got 2 MH/HPS 600w and I'm old school and have been using them for a while now. I've been reading and omfg so much has changed in the way of lighting. So many advancements... Anyone wanna give input? Things I'm looking for are low cost, low heat, full...
  14. KneeDeep34

    Week 7 Flowering... Green Crispy Leaves Near Cola

    Not a novice grower but I am however new to breeding. I've developed a strain (and posted pics a few weeks ago) called Platinum Swan and my gut tells me that when leaves start dieing to start looking at trichs. Trichs are going milky. But it's just started week 7... I've never seen leaves stay...
  15. KneeDeep34

    What's Your Favorite Additive?

    Can be anything from swellers, trich enhancers or anything else besides basic grow and bloom mixes. I'm a huge fan of silica and kelp. Not loyal to any brand.
  16. KneeDeep34

    Introducing Platinum Swan

    For the past year or two, I've been breeding my own custom strain. And she's mean to say the least.... I started out by crossing a male Platinum girl scout cookie with a skunk #1. The resulting seed I called platinum girl skunk cookie. I then crossed Platinum girl skunk cookie female with a...