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  1. Rikismom420

    AK 47 Auto flower harvest time.? Check my pic please 😊😊. Noob to autos

    My first cut of a cola from one plant...smells really great...yellow leaves almost to top Thx ahead of time 68 days from seed, 42 from first flower info would help since
  2. Rikismom420

    HELP with leaves on ak47 autos Kinda noob.

    Have 1 auto in FFOF an perlite transplanted it to 3 gal fabric and it is the one on the right...all green one,still a bit droopy but good leaves..this one didn’t flower u til a week ago. Not sure when will start flowering again since transplant but roots needed it.Other two have all the...
  3. Rikismom420

    Help help help is my auto ak47 a male hermie ? Noob can’t tell

    These are just coming into flower, my other plants , same seed have been in bloom for 16 days....making. Me sick, do t k ow what I am seeing but there are some round things and u guys say if it’s round it’s balls.....oh crap oh crap. Thx before hand
  4. Rikismom420

    AHHH may have a male please confirm yes or no....eekk help

    Hi, have 3 6 week auto ak47 plants and two have been flowering for 2 weeks, the other same size and everything has not shown flowers yet , I have looked and looked and think I see white hairs but no sure..driving me crazy take a look at my pics and thx thx thx before hand 😇
  5. Rikismom420

    FFOF soil for top dressing 5 week auto flower

    I have 3 ak 47 autos FFOF / coco, perlite soil 2 are blooming other close Ph 6.4 temp 76 80 Indoor grow tent fans and exhaust Doing light 18/ 6 2 300 wth LED Just trying to stay away from strong Nutes, I have calmag not sure at what amount to use. Guess 1/4 of stated strength . Any info would...
  6. Rikismom420

    Noob help ppm 2500. What do I do with it

    Watered my 1/2 FFOF 1/2 coco. Today 2 gal pots ak47 autoflower 5 weeks just started flowering 2 300wt LED grow tent fans and filter Ph water was 6.2 Ppm water 860 Run off ppm 1460 on 1 plant 2700 on 2 plant Using health metric tds ec monitor. What do I do with those numbers, wasn’t...
  7. Rikismom420

    Current info on coco coir. Growing 2019 info THX

    I have read a lot of info on coco coir growing but it was dated 2015 and wanted opinion as to current growing techiques . I have auto flowers that I am going to put in and like to know ratio of mixing perlite , how to water brand that is buffered and ready to use Thx farmer friends...
  8. Rikismom420

    Jarred buds don’t smell nice and skunky. jar heads🤔

    Jarred my buds starting two weeks ago, now they have odd smell. Not the mold but not skunk having dried a few oz . And just jarred in mason jars I am debating just putting them in baggies....being a noob ...I just don’t now what the frick to please..northern lights and big bug...
  9. Rikismom420

    Been flowering for almost weeks. New pistils wth

    Moved my 600 w led closer to y plants and there are new pistoles on that crazy.i hair harvested the big colas now letting the rest catch up.s this a good sign? Please help farmers..need the imput. Thx and happy growing
  10. Rikismom420

    Help. My plants are in flower and yellow leaves

    I have 3 plants almost 9 week flower and I have cut some to dry but the rest all have yellow leaves.i have trimmed leaves off to get more light to other colas and have done training on most all. Take a look FFOF and coco soil 2x4x 5 indoor tent 2 300 w led Humidifier Fans and filter of course...
  11. Rikismom420

    EEEK. Yellow leaves on my one indica , check my colas out. What you think 😎💥

    Fox farm /coco, moss soil Two 300 w Leds 5th week flower Cut some big colas because of height issues...geez ,. Top dressed with a little fox farms and watered plain last night , woke up to the left indica having major yellow leaves. Was in wilt before I did top dressing so that’s when I...
  12. Rikismom420

    What kind of light for drying colas and is 75 degrees too high

    Just cut some smaller colas and hung to dry, have fan on them but not sure about lighting 24/7 Thx all Happy growing
  13. Rikismom420

    Cutting small buds when flowering..

    Hi all, I cut some of the smaller colas from bottom that will not get enough light , so I didn’t flush my plants ,are they ok to process to smoke or other.little ones are sticky skunky little stinkers . I grow 2 300 watt Led Soil fox farms and coco Ff nutrients 2x4x5 tent 4 th week in...