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    Growing in low humidity

    I am running 2 4x4 tents with 4 600 leds in each tent. 5 gal buckets organic soil. The humidity here has been 20%. The plants are 4 week veg. I have small humidifiers in each tent but the humidity is staying at 40%. I have a swamp cooler that I run in the summer that brings that humidity up...
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    Advice - Heater broke and girls got cold will they be OK?

    My tent heater broke and I didn't realize for 2 or 3 nights. I know that they got down to 60 degrees last night. They look just fine but I have had a plant Hemi on me from my having it outside (to spray) and it being low 60's. The plants are 3 only weeks old - should I toss and go buy new...
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    Help - yellowing plants

    These are clones that I have had 2 weeks. They started yellowing right away and I thought adding a little nitrogen but that has not seemed to work. It is possible on a first watering that I had my ph off but have corrected that. They are in inexpensive organic soil - have been on fox farms at...
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    Purple Cookies

    I am getting all sorts of different info on Purple cookies - like bloom 8 weeks and bloom 10 -12 weeks. Has anyone grown it that can give me some basic info like it's height - and bloom length? Thanks for any help. Lisa
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    Grow info Do Si Do

    I wound up with a few Do Si Do clones and have been having difficulty trying to find basic grow info on them - like how tall the plants get, the temp and humidity they like. Really need to know their height and whether they need to be trained. Picked up P Cookies , Venom OG and Willie Nelson...
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    Mold Mildew Prevention

    I’m about to start a grow with some Chemdaug plants. I understand Chemdaug is susceptible to mildew and mold. I live in the high desert with low humidity have a 4x4 tent – use 4 600w leds – have exhaust fan and regular fan in tent. I also have a humidifier in the tent as the humidity in the...
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    How to remove alcohol from tincture

    I use Everclear and the Butter machine to make a marijuana tincture but it burn to much - how do I remove more alcohol safely. Have a gas stove and afraid to use double boiler. Have used electric fry pan but that scares me a bit as I keep having to turn it off and on as the tincture bubbles and...