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    P.W. x CH freebies - need help identifying them

    I got sent these as freebies here at the farm a couple of years ago. They're marked "P.W. x CH" and I've no idea what they are. My best guess is that the P.W. is Purple Wreck, but CH? Could be anything... Any ideas anyone? FF
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    Strawberry Bubba -prelim. smoke report

    The raskal does it again!!! Oh my fricken gawd...seriously, I am battered. Proper fucked. Had to put something down just because I'm so blown away. I didn't expect this at all!!! First up, she finished SO quickly - was done at 7.5 weeks and let her go 8 on principle (and those extra few...
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    ojd's SSSDH chop shots @ 77 days

    Here she is in all her sexy dank hazy glory! She smells exactly like you'd expect - SSH with a touch of diesel. I can't wait for her to dry and cure.... I gotta get my hands on some of ojd's crosses with her because they're gonna be badass. Cheers ojd - you da man :)
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    Vape decisions: Volcano v Extreme v HerbalAire

    There's a few threads around but I need your input as to which vape you have, and how do these three compare - the decision is driving me nuts! Volcano: I like it, have used it in Dam, but would like direct draw/straw option as well. Extreme: Love the versatility but concerned about...
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    Vegging plant grows balls in 24/0!

    The title said it all. Freaked me out - I have a Santa Maria f8 going in veg under a 250w CFL - took it out tonight to give it a drink and there were balls ALL OVER IT, from tip to trunk. Killed the bastard instantly, and fortunately I don't think any had been mature enough to open, but I've...
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    Jack Herer NOT dead :( but very sick!

    Just heard it myself.....more to folllow.. FF Breaking: Jack Herer, Emperor of Hemp, marijuana hero, Not dead According to a source close to the family, Jack Herer, much beloved Emperor of Hemp, is not dead. The marijuana hero collapsed backstage on Saturday, September 15, at "Hempstalk...
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    Sonic Boom @ 73d chop shots

    I have to say that this pheno was the stretchiest gal I have grown, including the SSSDH! She went from about 10cm to about 170cm. She smells to me of fanta orange and grapefruit but the smell has been changing throughout flower - but it's all really electric fruit. V. v. nice. Smoked a...
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    Open letter to Pfizer

    This is old but I came across it again whilst looking through Lycaeum for that Syrian Rue/Harmaline that BlueJay works with. It's a laugh out loud classic if you've not seen it: To: Pfizer, Inc. 235 East 42nd St. New York, NY 10015-5755 From: Merrick Brown...
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    Ron Paul speaks out about marijuana
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    I Fought The Jones And I WON!

    That's right....I'm officially 7 days clean of tobacco, about 3 clear of nicotine replacement pills....FUCK TOBACCO! I've been smoking the evil weed since I was a teenager and I'm no spring chicken now (I'm 40 next year), and I've been smoking spliffs ever since, with the exception of 2 years...
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    Cannacopia Government Mule (G13 x DC) chop shots, featuring the oh so cute DR40!

    Government Mule (DC x G13) Cannacopia Seeds 63 days 12/12 I really didn't expect the purpling....she could probably have gone a tad longer but she just looks ready to me. Trichs were mostly cloudy a week ago, so she's easily good to go - just wanted the top to finish up as best as...
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    Recirculating DWC - to chill or not to chill?

    To all you DWCers - Do you have a chiller to keep your res temps down? The only thing that is stopping me from recirculating DWC is nute temp management. I don't think it'll be too much of a prob with a 100l tank in the winter, but the rest of the year ambient temps are at least 20c in...
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    FF's Side By Side Laboratory - at last!

    Right....we all know that there's WAY too much bullshit when it comes to advertising canna related grow products ("more! better! faster!") and I've been bleating on for yonks about the need for independent side by side grows. Well, now is the time. I'm mid-grow right now so I can't test...
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    Galuku Coco

    Anyone used Galuku? Growell have stopped selling Canna Coco and are now doing this. Same price for 50l, but it's a more compact bag. I'm sceptical but will try a bag...anyone with any other experience? FF
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    Howabout a new 'MK Ultra' ?

    Over in this thread, Herbalizor was trying to find out which OG cut was used in THSeeds MK Ultra. The MK has been around for quite some time now - must be around 10 years now and the OG Kush line and cuts has come a long long way in those 10 years (or at least more accessible). Do any of...
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    Twittering Ganja Deals

    L.A. Weed Dealer Finally Finds a Use for Twitter California won't let the gays marry but it does let people micro-blog (medical) drug deals. Meet former Northwestern J-school student Dann Halem, who is building an online business selling weed on Twitter. How is this possible you ask...
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    Yikes - wtf is this?

    One of my White Gums has got this weird browning on all the leaves, all the way up. It's next to another cut of the same White Gum, both have been on same nutes, and is fine and healthy. I'm thinking it's something fungal, maybe LSF, although my ventilation in there is superb. Any ideas...
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    When Bullrunning Goes Bad

    Just got mailed this by a friend. OMG.....
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    Poppies and Sunflowers

    I've got a bunch of really nice looking flowers in the front of my house - all germ'd and prop'd from seed. I've been doing them in the garden then putting them out front when ready. I've never grown poppies before so this was an experiment, and all the poppies basically flowered at very...
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    Berlin Coffeeshops?

    Friends of mine were in Berlin last weekend and were blown away to discover that there's apparently a very open/tolerant attitude to marijuana there (something to do with local laws not being applied and the main federal doesn't care). Am pretty sure it's only the province that Berlin is in...