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    what should i pay my greenhorn helper kid.???

    hi everyone took a little one under my wing this year .. percentage wise what do you feel is fair for someone who has zero expierience , put very little cost wise into the grow ....and worked on a marginal level. i want to be fair and i also want to be fair to myself . i will be honest...
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    please help me understand the c.a.p co2-4 with ppm 1-c

    aloha kids..... need some help with the c a p co2-4 with a ppm1-c ... i have no documents for either of these so im asking you guys... i had it working fine but i think now the nobs are override'n the unit i have her hooked up in a sealed system. the temp and humid knobs are set...
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    ? for you nano grow guys

    how many watts of cfl is needed to produce seeds i usually make them under a 600 hps. size constraints and the ability to do several things at once in a small space i think this is the best way to go. i just wanna get by with the minimum wattage. i posted this in the general indoor forum with no...
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    question about watts per sq' an seeds production

    whats the lowest wattage you feel per square foot that you can use for seed production using t5 power compact or any mini florescent. im building a breeder box i can slam multiple projects in each cube being 18" hight 12" base about 10 of em so i wanted to get your opinion......i have never been...
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    ruff and tuff

    i lost a friend to a heroin od yesterday lifelong brother. not a bad kid just foolish.....found out another died in ny as well 6 months ago...............brothers dont do heroin dont smoke crack think of the people who you love and what they will lose.....do the rite thing dont be greedy...
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    any of you seen www.foreverflowering.net

    www.foreverflowering.net just wanted to see if anyone has any feedback from these guys have helped run one and just wanted to share and see if anyone is familiar with the company. they have a very steep price tag but i feel if you know what yer up to they cant be beat........watch the video...
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    PUGET SOUND 253 have any info on this one?

    :love0018: got some beans from an indian kid on the rez up in nw washington state .... ( puget sound 253 ) got 20 beans i was told its a hash plant someone else said its related to evergreen kush which i smoked in tacoma with some people from microsoft... pic's ,lineage, anything would...
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    List your method of pressing final sift here's a few i know

    the good lebanese i was around in the 80's as a child was pressed and steamed in these small little sacks made out of cloth. the little sacks of pollen ran through the steamer and wer then pressed and embossed with a stamp. the best one had a friend of a friends profile stamped on every one...
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    hawaii blender hash......method

    mez in kauai showed me how the boys took trim and produced hash with only a glass blender. the static makes the glands stick to the glass while being sppun in da blender brah. 1 you need trim all leaf stems, and stalks removed. 2 you need a glass blender that is best if it has a big enuf...
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    Ether oil......

    butane oil is the tasty way to go but i feel the ether oil is stronger in its effects. how do yall feel about it? would anyone like to know a cheap easy source of ether to the consumer? that can be found in most areas?
  11. Z

    Boomshanka...is that specific.?

    hello kids........... helo from dego.................. zoeroner tbik................. .....here to see what there is to see..... and make a few minor contributions.......