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    GigZ-16's Bugs/Pets Guide

    thank you!!
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    Blue Cheese, Sweet thoot & Ak 47

    very nice i laike duh blue cheesee an ah black AK bow bow shot that looks like its gonna gun u down.. lookin out for a smoke report suaman link us up
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    grass hoppers n' ants

    neem oil, bayleaf oil, soap water*(only wen veggin), an possibly if you could find it a plant named stinking susan bless hope is ok
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    Cannabis Landrace

    why cant i see mr.mangos pics?????
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    Tropical Winter Grow Start to Finish

    rel bess grow and thread also a tropical grower i feel ur pain, rite now neematodes and southern blight and termites fuked me up this past dry season, tryin 2 bounce back as organic as possible fekin hard 2 do!!any help would b great i just wanted 2 say that ive been growing hindu kush from...
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    lowlife autos,psychosis,and psycoberry coco grow

    blessed. real proper scene goin dere bredrin all d best to an urs man. were can i get some autoflowerers like that?? or even better the 1's crossed wit diesel?
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    brown tips on my pistel hairs

    well thats results!i guess i should try the same
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    brown tips on my pistel hairs

    well i gro outdo. buh i get the same prob at the top cola and mine is from heat im sure, wen i think now most my clones were from flowering plants only becuz i wanted htem 2 branch out more and start flowerin in a week no more. wat about the buds uder hte cola do those pistils get burnt too? if...
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    Marijuana bill dies in committee

    like it was all planned out, get hopes high and then crush 'em. wateva yuh kno wat im jus gonna go postal myself, if eva "god forbid" those duty pigs try 2 kidnap an inprson i fi a herb yuh kno! bless!!ganja for life
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    Feminized Breeding

    ?? yea is it the same??can the fem be the same as the reg?? and on the the other topic i believe if they want 2 keep it a secret let them cuz certain ppl might look at heritage and say ive been there an done that an discredit heir new version so u could giv them that wen we dont kno were it...
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    100% purple sativa?

    dutch yo purple #1 is nice or even purple star there more on the indica side but they definately hav sativa influences, or u can come 2 the caribbean(jamaica/St.vincent) cuz purple sativas are a norm, even purple(not pink! purple!) pistills can be found amongst light green bud with purple hews...
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    dutch passion purple #1 with wings

    ? bless jdub thanks 4 replying, wel its outdoor, this time of yr th temp is way 2 high, 30-34celsius in the day some times,youve got "wings" b4?? so its probably just the genetics,and its probably not affecting final product? what about the flowering in this temp is this affecting my quality...
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    kush crosses

    bless herbalists yea man give thanks, d original plan is some fine genetics like the ones on sale now man i hope i can eventually prove d highest grade grows anywere with love man give thanks i hope 2 acquire great genetics from d guys at the bay an maybe 1 day supply another great...
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    kush crosses

    well im a novice compared 2 most on this site but ive aquired great genes and ive experimented so far ive done a few things with hindu kush and master kush and all worked superb high resin and more mind bending each time not 2 mention colours well blesss up ! i reallllly need 2 aquire d real...
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    dutch passion purple #1 with wings

    blessed. i'm jus wonderin wat is goin on an why is it happening am i doin sum wrong its happenin 2 a next 1 now?? im thinkin heat stress? will this affect potency?
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    Original UK Cheese

    Cheeeesssseee No disrespect bredrns but ive smoked the uk cheese in london and liverpool and Big Buddha cheese in amsterdam and found very little difference i9n the high and taste. And currently grow BBC outdoor in the caribbean organically. The stone is the same but hoestly the taste is on a...