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  1. JakeyBakey

    Seed Vial - Recognize It?

    Anybody recognize this seed vial ? If you prove you know this company, you win.
  2. JakeyBakey

    End Of The Road

    I like the last days of the plants lifes photo + harvest Throw em up!!! Blueberry Widow - week 11 chop Nuggs are real dense and smell of musky lemons
  3. JakeyBakey

    Jake's Boom Bloom Room

    Needed a home to hang my hat, and a wall for my pictures. I got Passion! to grow as much as I can, as fast as I can, and the best that I can. I'm going to show my growing methods and techniques I use to grow very nice organic buds. What matters most to me is that myself and my loved ones don't...
  4. JakeyBakey

    Auto-fem Bagseed?

    THC Farmers! My buddy just gave me a bag, inside was a big perfect looking seed with tiger stripes all over!! All he grows is Autoflowering feminized plants. Most are 70 days start to finish in a 4x4 with no breeding , no herms problems before. I have germed the seed and got it planted and...
  5. JakeyBakey

    Vote Please: Can You Super Crop In Week 2 Of Flower?

    Hello Farmers I need some input, please vote on the question below. Lets start with the Strains and details specifically about the 4x8 flower tent. This is my first run feminized, I started growing auto-fems. Cali OG fem (sativa) 3 each Sour Jack fem (sativa) 3 each Fox farm Soil in 10 gallon...
  6. JakeyBakey

    Tents And Vents

    "Hey everybody" Thats what my kid says because thats what every kid on youtube says. Which I just blocked on her tablet, too much garbage. Anyway , just saying hello. Ive been adound here gettting growing help and strain info for months now. After realizing this is the most helpful group for...