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    25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

    never under estimate TEX very intuitive
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    My 1st (DWC) Grow

    I'm in the same boat this is my first grow also with a dwc system stand alone buckets i'll be following you and when i actually start i'll post also good luck.
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    LED vs HID

    thanks vic for thr info
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    LED vs HID

    How many buckets (dwc) under my 600s maybe i won't use 5gal maybe 3.5
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    LED vs HID

    Thanks for the quick response i've been up all night studying. I'll just keep it simple a florescent for seeding and clones. I'll use 2 600 conversions for my veg and 1 10000 for flowers what do u guys think
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    LED vs HID

    Which light is more productive
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    autoflowering strains

    How is the potency with the autoflower stains? I've heard alot of rumors of a low buzz.
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    Looking for two strains

    Stop and be humble Just take a min tex those of us who are new just need some advice and direction we are just anxious looking for some light from the pros
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    what is the best 600 or 1000 i can put the 600 light closer is it worth losin 400 watts help me need to make a move fast
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    i wish i had a bat signal tired been up all night reading thinking about 1 1000 hid the one you can switch from hps or mh
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    thanks for getting me --- they are 5 gal my sq' is 8x8x7 the strain is worldwide afghan kush g13 haze and arjans haze #3 so what do u think i can do what i'm told i dont know how so therefore i can lern the correct way i want at least 4 slabs HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Hello its the rea2on and i'm new to this however i need to find the correct lighting system for my 12 dwc buckets
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    Debate rages over DEA raid of Los Angeles, California dispensaries

    We have to give the pres time to make changes there are a legion of in the closet mfs who are making the first 100 days hell for this guy things will and are going to change he got to keep his blackberry to hear whats really going on in the news and how we feel with no watered down reports from...