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    420 Scope: 60-100x

    Not sure if is allowed ? but uk lidl have imho a decent scope in store now and then 30x60x100 for 5.99 been working for me twelve months , ill sling a pic up when home if any interested .
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    Distilled/Purified Water

    Interesting take guineapig , do you mind if i ask the name of thre pond ecology journal ? srry to jump on thread .
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    hydrogen peroxide, stem rot?

    Heya mate , From that statement the "original" isnt ? You could repopulate using mycorrhizal fungi and use the tricoderma (if needed) as a foliar altho thats impossible with the uk's humidity this week .
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    Heya !

    Heya guys , uk here , wont lie joined for some seeds . For me its hard enough trying to gather information on the net these days without wading through 30 pages of people bickering about all unsundry , thus i usually resign to posting in the Uk forum , but in hindsight maybe i have joined for...