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  1. Dirtbag


    Anyone else unable to get megcrop version 2 to dissolve properly? Mine has white flakes in the dry mix that refuse to dissolve. I even filtered them out and tried to dissolve it in hot water... no-go. What's up with this? Not happy about having to shelf $100 worth of fertilizer but I'm not...
  2. Dirtbag

    How old are ya?

    Ive been curious to see the breakdown of age demographics in this forum. No obligation to share exact age and votes not displayed publicly, plus you can always change your vote if your birthday is next week, which I will when I turn 41 lol.
  3. Dirtbag

    Dirtbags Hydroponics Thread.

    After a long time using soiless, I've decided to give rockwool hydroponics a whirl. I'll start this thread by saying, I'm feeling like a beginner again and loving it. I dont know a whole lot about growing in wool and have zero experience running any true hydro setup, so this is going to be a...
  4. Dirtbag

    AC question for the HVAC guys..

    My dehu just died... My through the wall AC has a "dry" mode, I'm wondering if I can run my AC in dry mode set to 18 celcius, even though it's actually 18 celcius outside and inside my grow shed? Or is it bad to run them when they're not actually cooling?
  5. Dirtbag

    The grow dude... (Hard Mode)

    Is this guy here somewhere? Lol, if so I apologize, I literally cant stop laughing at these videos... Cant believe he was putting out instructional videos. Be careful who you take advice from on the interwebs. Lol this just kills me.
  6. Dirtbag

    Adding supplemental UVB light

    I'm wondering if you can buy bulbs that will fit regular T5HO units? or do you need to buy ballast units specifically designed for UVB? I just noticed the 36" reptisun is only 25w iirc, and I think my 36" T5 shades are closer to 50w. Any recommendations for a cost effective way to add some...
  7. Dirtbag

    Old school hash, why could you buff it?

    This is something I've had a few theories about but really dont know how it is done. Talking about the hash that comes from Afghanistan and Morocco that I havent seen in 20 years, I used to buy it in England quite a bit but havent ever seen it on the west coast of Canada. You could heat it...
  8. Dirtbag

    Separating seeds.

    Anyone got a decent method for removing seeds from buds and cleaning them up? I've looked into it a bit and most of the methods seem to be on a small scale, I'm curious if anyone has any clever methods for removing seeds from a couple pounds of buds efficiently?
  9. Dirtbag

    What to do... Seeking advice.

    So, I planted up some clones tonight, watered them in, and then realized one of my wifes cigarettes somehow landed in the res Sunday night. My concern is TMV transmission. Scrap them and start over? Dammit.. I know what I should do but jebus I've been getting a lot of setbacks lately...
  10. Dirtbag

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    I'll start. This is just the beginning, I'm giving the mighty mite plants a couple hrs of partial sun love today. Should be outdoors full time in another week if this weather keeps up. Going to do some outdoor breeding this year hopefully too. Let's see what you farmers have on the grow. Cheers
  11. Dirtbag

    Cycles of catastrophe

    One of my more recent obsessions that I love to investigate when I'm baked, is the growing evidence for recurring cycles of global catastrophe and lost ancient civilizations. I'm fascinated by the works of John anthony West, Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson and many others. Recently there was a...
  12. Dirtbag

    Taking cuttings from shocked woody plants

    I've found myself in a situation where my new soil mix is super acidic and I've decided to pull the plug on this grow before it even gets going, save the hassle of flowering less than happy plants. Dilemma is this; I'd like to save the genetics, but they've gone quite shocked and the stems are...
  13. Dirtbag

    Tell Me About Violator Kush...

    A buddy just stopped by with a gift basket of goodies for my back which I threw out yesterday... And part of it Is a Violator Kush plant, taken from a plant which apparently took a victory in some BC cup in the lower mainland not long ago. Fuzzy on the details as I'm taking cyclobenzaprene and...
  14. Dirtbag

    Anyone Remember Mighty Mite?

    Any of you folks remember Mighty Mite? A friend of mines father gifted me a couple ounces of seeded Mighty Mite from a seed crop he did a couple years back. Looks to be a few hundred seeds in the bag. And the smell is unmistakeable... Brings me back to the 90's. Great little outdoor plant for...
  15. Dirtbag

    Strains With Double Serrated Leaves.

    So I have this platinum cookie cut which has these big beautiful leaves with double serrations, looks like a sawblade. Anyone else seen this before? The platinum cookies is meant to be Durban poison crossed with OG kush and a third mystery strain. I'm wondering if these serrated leaves could...
  16. Dirtbag

    Money Saving Alternatives To The Expensive Crap Out There

    Seraphine gave me the idea for this thread. Let's see or hear your DIY alternatives to the expensive crap out there. Today, I'm building a humidifier out of stuff I had laying around, and a replacement wick filter.
  17. Dirtbag


    Anyone else here also make their own beer? I've been brewing for about 7 or 8 years now. Firing up a batch of NEIPA today.
  18. Dirtbag

    The Indestructible Vaporizer..

    I've had this thing go through the wash before... Dried it out and it works fine. I lost it a couple weeks ago and just found it yesterday at work in the bottom of an oil drain pan, covered in oil and sludge.. lol, dont know how it got there. But it was in 4" deep used motor oil for a couple...
  19. Dirtbag

    This Be How Dirbag Do...

    Evening farmers. Thought I'd give you all a glimpse Into dirtbags garden! This is a licensed medical grow, 9 plants in flower. 4 platinum cookies and 5 Pre-98 Bubba. Right now they're under 2x 1000w eye hortilux lamps semi (but not quite) stadium style, temps 22-26c, 40-50% humidity. 8x8'...
  20. Dirtbag

    Question For The Low P Flower Folks.

    I posted this in Fatmans sticky too but figured this will get more exposure.. I'm teetering on an experiment and I'd like some feedback from those of you running these low P formulas. I've had good results using the simple floranova line lately because well, I'm lazy. Based on the NPK do you...