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  1. SmithsJunk

    Need Some Advice On Solving My Potassium Deficiencyaroun

    I've done well with my outdoor grows (as a lot of you have seen) so I'm trying my hand at some indoor growing to get some experience under my belt and using it for breeding. My girls are about a month into the flower cycle. Using colloidal silver on two to produce female pollen on specific...
  2. SmithsJunk

    Brainstorming For An Indoor Grow Next Spring

    Will be getting a new place next year with a garage (most likely). I'd like to do an advanced hydro set-up, automation would be helpful with my health problems. I am technologically & mechanically savvy. I was a certified telecom tech and I build enthusiast grade gaming/workstation PCs as a...
  3. SmithsJunk

    Trying To Figure Out Which Pentax Da Prime Will Work Best Until I Can Afford A Good Macro.

    The macros I like are more expensive than I expected so I'm looking at picking up one of these primes, either a Pentax 35mm DA f/2.4 or Pentax 50mm DA f/1.8, to fill in for now. They've both got great reviews. Shutter speed isn't crucial. My K-S1's ISO is 51,200, has built in AA, and image...
  4. SmithsJunk

    Junk's Growing Log

    I am currently growing six outdoor plants in 200 gallon smart pots, 3 Orange Creamsicle (Sativa leaning), 3 Royal Nepal Kush. All of them are 87 days old. The Creamsicle are 22 days into bloom, the Kush are 11 days. These pics are 3 days old, I'll get some fresh ones today.
  5. SmithsJunk

    Advanced Nutrients Growers Line Said 2ml Per Liter In Soil, Seems Like An Awful Lot?

    To let you know, I searched first but couldn't find an answer. Maybe I didn't use the right words. I ordered advanced nutrients for my plants in flower because I heard good things about Bud Candy and I've had some some small nute issues. I've been topping/ammending my soil with bat guano 7-3-1...
  6. SmithsJunk

    Girls Early In Flower, Want To Buy Flower Fuel, Do I Need Cal/mag?

    My girls are in early flower, 3 Sativa @3 weeks, 3 Kush @1 week, recently fed 7-3-1 organic bat guano mixed in topsoil. Because of flower they got a little nitrogen toxic. Flooded them, they perked right back up. I'd like to nute for flowers with Flower Fuel 1-34-32. Do I need cal/mag? Would...
  7. SmithsJunk

    Two Weeks Into Flower, Nearby Plants Have Russet Mites. How Can I Keep My Girls Safe?

    I've read several threads and the information I found was pretty old. Pretty confusing too. I'm having trouble separating the hippy-like overreaction to pesticides from the truth. I need a way to protect my girls from becoming infected and if necessary rid them of russet mites. The plants that...
  8. SmithsJunk

    Hello, Fellow Cultivators.

    I've been reading a lot of threads on here for some time now. They've all been very informative. Thank you for your collective wisdom. I haven't had a question yet that hasn't been answered with a quick search. This is the first year I've grown my own plants, though I've helped with others...