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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    Has anyone used kindsoil (from kindsoil.com), and what were your results?
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    First Time Grower

    Hello, I'm a newbie, first-time grower. I'm doing a micro grow in a 1.5 x 2 x 2 box with 250cfl lighting. I am going into 9 weeks of flowering. I have supercroped 3 large colas. I thought she would be done by tomorrow but I was wrong. So, after 1.5 weeks of flushing, I realize that her lower...
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    Harvest Part Of The Plant?

    Hello, I am a newbie grower, this is my first grow. I have a small cabinet that is full of flowers (literally full). The two or three main colas at the top are massive and I believe ready for harvest, I had to supercrop them just to keep them from growing over the light 250w cfl. I have a lot of...
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    What Surface Will Not Stick To Buds?

    For my first harvest next weekend, I was wondering what you use to lay your buds down on that the trikes won't stick to? I have seen wax paper, saran wrap, tin foil, garbage bag, towel, plastic lid from container, glass or mirror, and cardboard. I read a message someplace that said the tricomes...
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    Help, Should I Try To Separate Root Ball?

    Hello, I recently harvested a runt. I grow in hydro and I have another plant that needs another 2 weeks. The two plants made a massive root ball. Will it be ok to leave the harvested plants roots in the basin, or will it rot, meaning I need to try to cut it away? The harvested plant stalk is cut...