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    Greetings Growmates..

    How did the kindsoil work???
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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    Sorry, thought you were trying to troll me. I wasn't taking it personal. Yeah so I'm new to soil grow, all hydro grows in my past. This was kind of an experiment, and I just wanted to hear about kindsoil. I already bought it and just started using it. I am really to lazy to deal with another...
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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    Quite possibly, but I'm hoping it works. I mean grow caps work, so why can't this?
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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    Well then I guess you can't read very well, or maybe Amazon is just too much for you to negotiate, its $20.50 us (34 with shipping, and I had 5 dollars off coupon, so fucking $29 ok???)for 5lbs of the kind soil on Amazon. Why I have to justify this price is incomprehensible to me. My main point...
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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    Well at that 'price point' being like 29 dollars, it's still cheaper than nutrients for two plants, (If it works). The price for all required nutrients(mix), would be way over $100 to make this on my own, plus I would have to wait 2 months at least. Besides, I didn't even mention 'price point' yo??
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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    I'm using it here, 40% happy frog on top, 60% kindsoil at bottom in 3gallon smart pot, under 450w led (40% veg and 15%bloom)
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    Kindsoil, Anyone?

    Has anyone used kindsoil (from kindsoil.com), and what were your results?
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    Visiting Denver Soon

    If you are going to be there for a bit, take one of the tours, they take you to like 4 or 5 dispensaries.
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    So I Made Some Cannabutter

    Ok, one question, how much did you ingest?
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    Water Chilling Q & A

    Saw another grower do this, top left is an aquarium chiller, says it works fantastic!
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    Lets Have Some Fun. Show Me Your Uglies :)

    Water basin ran dry. Girls got big and started drinking 3 times as much h2O. Didn't know that was going to happen. Lost 1, stunted 1, and harvested one.
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    Anyone Use Supercloset Grow Boxes?

    Btw, I got 87 grams dried from this one plant.
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    How To Use Uvc Light To Treat Powdery Mildew- Please Help!

    Without a pic, it's hard to say...however, that said, I thought I had the same thing (newbie here) and it was all over the top of my rockwool and on the bottom of the stem, turns out it was only dried salts from the nutrients. I hope you found out what it was before you killed the plant trying...
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    Ok Boys, I Need You Badly, But Please Be Gentle...entering A Whole New Zone For Me.

    I would suggest that you don't do that. Where your at, people grow tons of cannabis outdoors. When the wind picks up that pollen can travel very far. Just throw em in a garbage bag and toss em if you can't find someone to take them.
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    Male And Female Seeds

    I said determine the sex of a seed. I'm in here asking because I don't know, but after your comment I used the Google machine and found the magic answers. Also, I would rather ask and trust a bunch of pot farmers than random websites.
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    Harvest Part Of The Plant?

    I am giving her one more week.
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    First Time Grower

    I thought about it, however I have a ton of smaller colas that still need time and my tricomes were about 99% cloudy, 0 amber
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    First Time Grower

    Sorry, I have only be introduced to grow diaries., where they always ask for this info. I am excited to be here and have people I can talk to and discuss my grow with. Thank you.
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    First Time Grower

    I thought about this, but don't have any amber tricomes yet.