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    how early can i cut clones

    how old does a seedling plant need to be before i can cut clones. obviously it needs to be big enuf, but is 5 -6 weeks too early.
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    hot shots bomb for mites

    started using the hot shots bug bomb. its aerosol and doesnt seem to harm the plants. dont know how well it affects the mites but seems to be working. ive used the fumigator ones before and they fucked up the plants within a day. so be carefull with them. just wanted to hear feedback of why...
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    TLO - ph adjustment - without killing microlife

    ive switched from commercial ph down to apple cider vinegar. dont know how well this works if at all... trying to see if anyone else has experiance in this area.
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    michigan purps story

    for those of you whove smoked the michigan purps from the mid 90's on... it started from a bag seed of green spirit from a dead show... so many crews got thier hands on it, and everyone doubts the other guy when they say they got the purp, until you smoke it and it has that classic distinct...
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    michigan classics

    are any of you michiganders, perticulatly metro detroiters remember the big boss, chemo boss, garlics, afghani red, purps,williams wonder, or vancouvers(kush) that used to float around. some of the best herb ive smoked. i actually still have a cut of the purps, but miss the rest.
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    glad to be here

    hi im another michigan farmer looking for tips genetics and entertaining posts. read alot of posts here and finally decided to join. looking to share my experiences and hopefully score some great seed...