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  1. darksideX

    Still Anybody I Know Out There ? Darksidex Is Callin' From Space Haha

    heyho farmers.. i am looking for my old friends here.. hope all are well and still farmin' cheers, dsx
  2. darksideX

    some funky green

    hey mellow fellows.. here's some chem4 og>>>>funk to the max<<<<
  3. darksideX


    heyho fellow farmers..a while ago when the aliens show'd up first i got a few packs of the original line made by the man obsoul33t..i got his permission to work with his alien line and made some f2's and the 'alien express'..these were some funny beanz and went out as freebies..but it seemz a...
  4. darksideX

    The Giesel,DUD and some Sfv..

    aloha fellas..:hi: i thought these three ladyz would def deserve their own thread..'cause i luv them..:icon_animal26: first dayz of flowerin'.. the Giesel clone..
  5. darksideX

    Tahoe Og from seed..

    heyho fellas..time to say hello to a few Tahoe babyz..:tmi first i wanna thank swerve and the connection for makin' these available and thank the farm for spread 'em out:bow atm there is nothin' really interestin' to c..only i have to say that one lil babe is a bit behind and lookx...
  6. darksideX

    Humboldt Express vs. Oriental Express

    wassup farmers:damnhippie:.. got some of these fine genetics..big up and muchas gracias to tha man..Billygoat :bow.. *ding ding* for the first round..hahaha.. i started 5 of the Oriental Express..and 5 of the Humboldt Express..these dayz.. the OE all germ'd within' 30 hours..and are now...
  7. darksideX

    OJD's Mystery..

    heyho farmer-fellas:damnhippie:.. hope everyone is fine.. finally i started some fine beenz out of tha mans' handz..thanx ojd:smiley_joint: here are the 'mystery' their first dayz alive..:love0018:
  8. darksideX

    some lost Darkside..

    heyho fellas..:hi here some last shotz that i found of my darkside phenos i had,..which got lost..:sad0123:.. the last two shotz are my favs...darkside went rasta:rasta2: hf
  9. darksideX

    high farmers..

    hi! :character0103: