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    Can Someone hit me whit how it works? 62%? I think that a lot of y use that.
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    After 3 month

    Hi guys. After drying things up there are result: 1190g Tent 8x4 (240×120×200) 2x hps 600w cool tube Fan 450m3 24x 11l pot or (ap. 3 gallon) bubba kush. Veg. Nutrients (Plagron) -Terra Grow 5ml/1l -Power Roots 1ml/1l -Pure Enzymes 1ml/1l Flower Stage (Plagron) -Terra Bloom 5ml/1l -Sugar...
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    Guys, Looking for some answers. Run someone on Raw nutrient? I m looking to switch to RAW for one round... to see, for any answer big thx.
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    How much (g) per w do y make

    I m runing on 2x600w hps. Result are not average but also not perfect... Guys how much (g) do y pull per w? And what light do y use.
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    Fan quastion.

    I m going to reorganize tent. (8x4) I m looking for really good fan. I got secret jardine 20w and ine 50w but these one take me too much space. I wanted to have practical working space. Any suggestions?
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    Plagron question

    Did someone try plagron out, result?
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    Level co2 ppm 1200

    Cheers Guys how much co2 usually y need for 1200ppm level for one session. From veg to flow. in a grow tent 240x120x200? Approximately?