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  1. gravekat303

    Kats Den

    Hello all as most of you are familiar with me by now. I have met many farmers on here in real life that allways comes with a heavy hand shake. I know there are a few of you that stumbled upon some of my chucks. I would like to welcome anyone to post pics of the ladies they found or just fart...
  2. gravekat303

    Where The Snow Melts

    With all the nonsense going on regarding staying on topic and the abundance of snow . i would like to open this thread for the people by the people. This thread has no topic just friends hanging out talking about what ever they want as long there is no real threats . Im tired of seeing good...
  3. gravekat303

    At Home Seed Bank

    So where and what does everyone store their seeds in? Do you freeze or refrigerate? Do you store em room temp ? Lets see em folks this is mine I got this box from a table at a quincenera I store in my fridge in bags with a ton of silica packs then i place the box in anoter bag
  4. gravekat303

    L. Og By Local Grow Guy

    THC Farmer Smoke Report INFO Tester Name :Gravekat303 Strain :L. Og Method Smoked :bong,pipe,joint APPEARANCE (insert photo here where possible) SMELL Dominant smell of bud : sweet candy Associated smells of bud : dried fruit kinda tart TASTE Dominant flavour :funky tart candy...
  5. gravekat303

    The Krypt

    I guess I should stop clogging up everyone else's threads with my shenanigans. Here is you will find most of the work I'm doing. Hopefully I'll buy a good camera and do these justice. Also feel free to drop any pics or random nonsense you wish. I know a few out there have some of my gear. Here...
  6. gravekat303


    I'm looking for a good source for met52 and pfr97 anyone have a favorite place to buy . Also any tips when using these products would be greatly appreciated
  7. gravekat303

    Gravekats Shenanigans And What Not

    Ok so after chatting with a few fellow farmers about bag seeds and their worth and about growing in super small places like solo cups I figured we could have a place to share maybe even have some fun and ......even learn on the way so post em up lady's and gents Maybe we can all figure out...
  8. gravekat303

    Colorado Proud!

    Hello farm I'm a Colorado native been lurking on this forum for a while with the occasional post figure I do it right and introduce myself after reading Seamaidens post I've been growing for about 7years here in the beautiful state of Colorado. I'm currently pheno hunting some beans atm and...