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    Dicalcium Phospate, Di-Cal, Precipitated Bonemeal

    Hey I have not been able to find much information on using Dicalcium Phosphate but a friend swears by it and produces some very nice yields. I do not often care for the taste of his outdoor but I'm not sure which combination of his practices contributes to it. A google search turned up very...
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    Electrical Service Upgrade-pg&e

    Hey folks wondering if anyone could give me an opinion on this service upgrade. I have a competent electrician, he is a journeyman but said he cannot pull the permit for this service upgrade. I have a 100 amp panel that we are going to upgrade to a 150. We are pretty sure the drop wire from...
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    Whats the real deal?

    Hey Michigan people. Been trying to find info on what you are allowed to do in Mi. Kind of got a headache looking for it. I found you have a 12 plant limit and are allowed to possess 2.5 oz. Are you allowed to have more than that at home? Is that just on the person? In cali you are allowed...
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    Alien Organic Winter Greenhouse Momhunt

    Hi everyone this is my experimental winter grow. Looking for some moms. Using mostly cali connection beans because of house easy they are to get here in cali. I'm growing AlienDawg, Alien Bubba, Sour Og . I also have 3 Greenhouse seeds feminized Church. This is organic in soil, in a...