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  1. koba


    Can Someone hit me whit how it works? 62%? I think that a lot of y use that.
  2. koba

    After 3 month

    Hi guys. After drying things up there are result: 1190g Tent 8x4 (240×120×200) 2x hps 600w cool tube Fan 450m3 24x 11l pot or (ap. 3 gallon) bubba kush. Veg. Nutrients (Plagron) -Terra Grow 5ml/1l -Power Roots 1ml/1l -Pure Enzymes 1ml/1l Flower Stage (Plagron) -Terra Bloom 5ml/1l -Sugar...
  3. koba

    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come and Win New TS or SP Grow Kit

    @MarsHydroLED I want the sp250 cuz I think there is something, what other led providers dont have. Price, quality and design. (Design of sp250 is amazing) P.s. I really looking forward, that someone who use sp250 light put really good report on board.
  4. koba


    Guys, Looking for some answers. Run someone on Raw nutrient? I m looking to switch to RAW for one round... to see, for any answer big thx.
  5. koba

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  6. koba

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Mid Level yeads from bubba kush, under hps 600w
  7. koba

    Mars Hydro LED

    Dear Mars Hydro I m on my way to buy led light. Y got great product, but if we can do something whit price (sp250 or tsl2000) I will be happy to do feedback.
  8. koba

    How much (g) per w do y make

    I m runing on 2x600w hps. Result are not average but also not perfect... Guys how much (g) do y pull per w? And what light do y use.
  9. koba

    HPS light superior vs current led tech?

    I run on 2x 600w hps, and I can not say that I m happy whit result. -First of all i did have heat problem, a big one in 8x4 tent. Now they are running on cool tube, but again no go. - If y will add co2, then condider also that after releasing your temp. go up easy from lets say 26 degrees to...
  10. koba

    Youtube grow vids a NO NO - Please read!

    Hi... Yes I agree. Complete. We dont need you tube, to prove something, bacase they are just trouble..... On other hand y can use tor browser, proxy 5... and go on.... to protect your ID.
  11. koba

    My boyfriend gave my girl quite a haircut, is she okay?

    Hi.. A lot of people dont do defoliation. Imho he did a good job. If y have option buy co2 canister. Can also be tnb.
  12. koba

    Fan quastion.

    I m going to reorganize tent. (8x4) I m looking for really good fan. I got secret jardine 20w and ine 50w but these one take me too much space. I wanted to have practical working space. Any suggestions?
  13. koba

    Some advice please!

    If I see correctly y got humidifiers inside? Take it out. Under what light are they? Hps? I
  14. koba

    Humidifier in, or outside, of the tent?

    I try in and out. From my point of view outside.
  15. koba

    Plagron question

    Did someone try plagron out, result?
  16. koba

    Mars Hydro LED

    Guys... Sp250 or tsl 2000?
  17. koba

    Level co2 ppm 1200

    Thx. How many h. do y run co2 in veg. stage 16? And in a flow. stage 7h?
  18. koba

    Level co2 ppm 1200

    Cheers Guys how much co2 usually y need for 1200ppm level for one session. From veg to flow. in a grow tent 240x120x200? Approximately?