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    Help On Trichomes Needed. Harvest Time

    Hi folks Almost a month ago I posted up some pics of "no where near ready" flowers and got some great advice. I have attached a couple pics off that same plant 28 days later. I am wondering if these would be a a stage to harvest by Oct 8th? My problem is I will be away Oct 17 thru Oct 25...
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Growing outdoors in cloth pots in the great white north Frost is coming in about 3 weeks. Should I harvest these in 3 weeks? What % max thc would you think I'd have by then?
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    Help On Trichomes Needed. Harvest Time

    Hi thanks a lot. Newbie obviously, and I am don't have any guidance from experienced growers other than what I read online and you know what that is like sometimes. So from here I should expect the flowers to expand and the pistils to turn darker colour and then I worry about the trichomes is...
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    Help On Trichomes Needed. Harvest Time

    Hi . Hopefully someone can help or lead me in the right direction. I am having a hard time seeing if the trichomes on my most advanced plant are clear or milky or a combination. I took some pics with my phone and zoomed them and snapped them . All of these are from a variety of buds on that...
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    small white spots followed by small holes in a few leaves

    Hi first time grower. I am using Promix BX . I PH my water to 6.2-6.5 usually 6.3 -6.4 I am growing outdoors in 7 gallon cloth pots. Generally things are going well.. however a few events have occurred. 1. They got covered in pine pollen blown in the wind from a not too far big pine tree...