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    Cuttings from feminized seeds??

    is it safe to turn feminized seeds into mothers? i heard they have a big chance of giving out hermi cuttings. any thoughts?
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    Re-use growing media with Sensizym???

    so ive read around that you are able to re use your soiless mix( sunshine mix #4) when you have used sensizym throughout your grow. the reason being that sensizym eats away the dead roots. anyone heard of this? done this? is there anyway to be able to re use soiless mix?
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    Re-use growing media with Sensizym???

    Ive read around a bit that if you use Sensizym with soiless mixes such as sunshine mix #4, that you are able to re use that growing media since Sensizym breaks down all of the dead protein matter. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    New Room, Design Help

    So i have in my new room ready to be built. Its 18x20 ft. total space. keep in mind i need to have veg. space, harvest space, and storage( nutrients, dry tent and other basic stuff). the room has a wall mount AC. I also have 40 amps to play with. I plan on running 4 600w hps lights. Here is...