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    Perfect pH?

    I have been getting swings from 5.8-4.2, after 4 days, I have started adding ph up to bring it higher. Is his recommended?
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    Do clones need darkness??

    12 on 5.5 off 1 on 5.5 off?? ??
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    What makes dense buds ??

    Great read, thank you for posting! I have the hardest time dialing in density. Any tips on ph swing by chance?
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    Root Enhancers: which brand is the best out

    I use voodoo juice, I see awesome root explosion, but at $100+ a liter (granted you don't need much). I am looking for a cheaper brand but, still want to see my 5 gallon buckets fill up with roots in 2-3 weeks.
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    First time growing, using DIY DWC but have questions about nutes, H2O, etc.

    You are going to have so much fun working out all the little quirks in your grow, good luck! If you encounter the problem I have with ph and find a solution let me know. I too use a RDWC setup and have been for 2 years and love it, the problem I am having if it is a problem at all is the ph...
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    One doesn't always have a choice, I can think of a few reasons to harvest early.
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    Let's see your Nute mix

    I guess this thread is dead.
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    An Amazing OG Recipe I Want To Share With Everyone

    What is this .6 ppm conversion of which you speak? I take the ppm at face value from my meter, am I doing it wrong?
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    worms in my rapid rooter grow plugs

    I put shot glasses of coffee on each one of buckets when I get gnats, and it attracts and kills them like the sticky strips but a little cheaper. Probably not as efficiently but it gets the job done.
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    Let's see your Nute mix

    I have 4 DWC buckets (connected w/hoses) with airstones in bottom, a 400w hps and a 400w mh running 12/12. Don't have any CO2 or anything fancy like that. I am new to this but have been using AN products.(pricey brand but wanted to get best whilst a begginer) for veg AN bloom AN micro...
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    deep water cultivation

    Airstones and Hoses are going to be the least of you money worries and can be hooked up easily I think. Unlike many things in your set up to much air in you water delivered via airstones and pump will not hurt your plants but not enough will.