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    Frozen Pollen

    i've had pollen stay viable for over a year.
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    Judge Rules Non-profits Can Sue Monsanto For Misleading Safety Labeling Of Popular Herbicide Roundup

    how fuggin lame that you need a judge to tell u if u can sue….fuggin joke of a government we have, all owned by big money…..
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    Coco Pot Size

    i've been using 2g hemp's growing trees, water 2 a day….to lazy to set up my system.
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    First Grow: Apache Tech At200 W/ Light Rail = 4x4 Full Coverage?

    there are plenty of guys/gals on this site that didn't graduate high school, but built their own lights… a "practicing engineer" i would think u could build a much better light with a $1000.
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    When To Harvest High Cbd, Low Thc Strains?

    the guy i got the perkins cut from told me to take her around 7 weeks….he had it tested at different stages of flower.
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    Advanced Nutrients Are Super Pricey

    the longer i've grown i found the cheapest ferts do the same as the expensive ones and all the extra bull shit is just that…..bullshit
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    all fans 24hrs, lights go on the timer.
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    How To Keep Thieves Out Of Your Outdoor Grow?

    put up sign saying cbd strain, for medical use only...
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    What Beans Are You Popping?

    oregon huckleberry ibl, blue orca haze and boel oaxacan…...
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    What Sort Of Measurements

    feed seedlings 200 ppm and bump it up as they grow.
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    New Grow Room 4 600´s Need Help With Climate Control And Vpd

    i'm still trying to figure out how plant numbers matter??? size of said plants would be my question……..4 600's would be perfect for a 8 x 8' and work just fine for a 10' x 10'...
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    New Grow Room 4 600´s Need Help With Climate Control And Vpd

    then your doing something wrong!
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    Anyone Ever Use Jacks From A Company Called Jr Peters?

    i use the hydro too. i get the cal/nit off amazon, lot cheaper. no epsom needed with my tap water. i use half gallon jug n put 300grams hydro in 1 and 200g in the other then mix equal parts to mix my nutes.
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    Greenhouse “stealth” Advice

    mineral…..we mixed it up n sprayed with a hudson sprayer.
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    Greenhouse “stealth” Advice

    we used to mix lime and water to white wash the glass on greenhouses i worked at as a kid.
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    Hello There! Back In The Game 10yr Out . Confused

    growing vertical may be an option for that height. i have 6.5' average height in a 6x6. right now i have a 315 then a 600hps and another 315 stacked bare bulb….i only use 4x4 of floor space for the grow….you will be amazed at what u can yield out of such a small space.
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    Gypsy Nirvana Due In Maine To Face Charges This Spring

    i hope people don't wish gypsy in prison because he's a jerk off. no 1 should be in jail for marijuana, seeds or just being a dickhead. a good old fashioned ass whopping seems to be well deserved from what i've read and heard of him though.
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    Pinconning Paralyzer

    the guy that hooked me up doesn't come online any more. he was an acquaintance of the original grower. i haven't heard of anyone getting a pine pheno though…'s assumed it was his environment that gave it the terps. i'll dig through my stash when i get a chance to see if i can find anymore.
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    Tony Green' S Death Bubble And Sour Bubble S2 Journal

    if he still has the beans from loudog for sale you should def. grab em…..