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  1. RIVAL79

    F-Cut x Face/Off Bx1 grown by Rival79!

    What up, THC Farmers! I picked up some seeds from Archive at the Med Cup. I started 6 F-Cut x Face/Off OG in 707. I can't wait to see what phenos can be found in these gems. I love OG strains and these 2 r some of the rarest around IMO. Thanx to TheDocta for dropping this hybrid. I will keep...
  2. RIVAL79

    King's Chem and True King's OG tested by Rival79!

    What up, Farmers! This show is about to get underway. I'm testing the King's Chem= Chem 91 x Kings Valley OG and True King's OG= True OG x Kings Valley OG. These hybrids r gonna produce nothing but dank OG/Chem ladies. These will be grown in Roots 707 and they will be feed the Rival Recipe. Stay...
  3. RIVAL79

    Rival79 Tests some Mendo Mookie and Crystal Lion beans!

    What up ya'll. I'm back at it again. This time I'm testing some killer new Golden Lion strains. Things r just getting started so bear with me over the next few months.This show should be very interesting. The Mendo Mookie is GSC Forum Cut x Crystal Ship and Crystal Lion is rOarGe x Crystal Ship...
  4. RIVAL79

    Rival's Galactic Getdown 2012!

    What up Farmers! I'm back with a vengeance and some new strains. This should be another Funky grow here at Rival's Funk Lab. This could quite possibly be the last grow ever. Unless them Mayans r wrong! This time around I have Galactic Tahoe and Lemon Alien Dawg growing. I started 5 of each. I...
  5. RIVAL79

    Rival79's So Cal Master Kush S1 test grow!

    I'm pleased to bring ya'll another test grow straight outta the Funk Lab. I will be showcasing Pisces Genetics So Cal Master Kush S1. Big shout goes to Jimmy and Logic for bring these beans to the Farm. These will be grown in Roots 707 soil and Smart Pots. Im gonna run these with some of my...
  6. RIVAL79

    Rival79's Hazeman Seeds tester show!

    What up, Farmers! I hope ya'll r ready for this show. Hazeman has blessed me the chance to test more of his great seeds. This round I will be testing the LVPK x Chocolate Thai and Chem4 x Deep Chunk x Purple Erkle x Headband x White x Aloha White Widow! Im already getting goosebumps thinking...
  7. RIVAL79

    Rival79 and his Golden Lion's!

    Welcome to my Golden Lion tester thread. The show will consist of Unleaded OG and Klingon Kush. I started 5 of each strain. I'm gonna run these in Roots 707 soil and feed them with some of Rival's Recipe. LOL. Hope my fellow Farmers enjoy the show and useful information. Please dont be shy! Post...
  8. RIVAL79

    Rival79's Alien Nation!

    What up Farmers! The Funk Lab has been invaded by Alien Genetics. This is gonna be a ongoing thread for all my Alien Genetics strains. The strains in this show will be Seven Ghosts, AstroDawg, FPOG x Alien D and Cherry AK47 x Alien D. Things started out a lil rough. I lost 4 AstroDawg and a...
  9. RIVAL79

    Cannot Reproduce Site problems from IPad?

    Hey Logic! I been getting kicked off the site randomly. Im on my IPad. It just logs me out and shuts my web browser. It only happens on this site. It has happened like 10 times already.
  10. RIVAL79

    Crystal Burst?

    What up y'all. Have any of u ever used a product called Crystal Burst from Humboldt County's Own? I have recently added it to my flower mix. I have seen a dramatic change in my plants. It seems like 2days after the feeding, they blow up and r stacked with trichs. I'm really impressed. I have...
  11. RIVAL79

    Kali Mist F2's?

    Hey every1. I was wondering if any1 knows who made the Kali Mist F2's? I got these as freebies with my order. I wanna know some history on them. Thanx Logic for the free beans.
  12. RIVAL79

    Rumble In The Jungle Rd. 2 Rival79 vs. Super Sour Skunk

    Here we go again! Same game, new strain! Thanx to Hortilab and Logic for the chance to enter the rumble again. It will be an inside grow this round. My room consist of 3-600w Lumatech ballasts and Hydrofarm Radiant AC 6". I will be starting these beans under a Hydrofarm 4 bulb T5. The grow...
  13. RIVAL79

    Strawberry D F2 and White Banana Kush grown by Rival79!

    What up y'all. These strains were made by JAWS! Thanx bro for the beans. I got big plans for these babies. First off I'm looking for a Strawberry D F2 male so I can do some chuckin'. I might not find hime in the first few beans but I have 25 more of them so... These beans r very vigorous! I cant...
  14. RIVAL79

    Rival79's OGR grow!

    What up every1. I finally got some OGR beans growing in my garden. It took me a hot minute to get ahold of his gear. I hope it was worth the wait. I have 1 Alien Urkle, 2 White Urkle, 2 White Fire and a White S1. I had a White Master and White Bubba but they didnt make it. Hopefully I can find a...
  15. RIVAL79

    TarDawgs r guarding Rival79's garden!

    What up y'all. I been waiting to run these beans. Big shout out to Snowblind. He gifted me these beauties awhile back. They r some of the niceest plants I have growing right now. 5 out of 5 on the germ rate. The #3 pheno has got me all excited. I hope it's a girl. These plants r coming up on...
  16. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Rival79's Funk Lab Hello THC Farmers! Rival79 is back in business. I had to get my new room up and running. 2012 should be a great year. I got some fire going this winter! This room is set up with: 3-600w Lumatech ballasts 3-Hydrofarm Radiant 6's 3x3 and 3x6 tray 2-Active Air 6" fans...
  17. RIVAL79

    Karma's White OG V2.0 tested by Rival79

    Welcome to another Rival79 test grow! The highly anticipated White OG V2.0 is finally here! These will be pure fire. I wanna thank Karma for this chance to test these beans. Keep ur eyes open for this thread guys and gals! I just recently upgraded my setup. Picked up a few extra lights and...
  18. RIVAL79

    Burnin' down the cabin wit Rival79 and CFSB!

    What up farmers! I got my cabin fever testers 2day. Thanx, freak and burnalot! Im gonna rock these strains. So i got these in paper towels right now. Started 5 of each strain. These will be goin into freak's soiless mix. Fed gh 3 part and a few additives. I will be updating this grow weekly...
  19. RIVAL79

    Rival79's fw#6 x hb bx1 testers!

    What up y'all. I got these testers as freebies and gotta see they have for in store for me! Sounds like another killer strain from karma genetics. I wanna thank karma and logic for making this grow possible. I named these pyro kush! Time 2 burn this mutha down!
  20. RIVAL79

    Get stomped out by Rival79!

    This is my lemon stomper grow! I started 5 seeds and ended up with 2 babies after transplant. I had some bugs eating some seedlings. I was pissed but got it handled. Me and gage green stompin' out ur lungs!