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  1. vangs

    Can I Take Clones Week 5 Of Flower?

    i got this crazy pheno of wounded warrior from thug pug and its so dope. i gotta keep it.. i took a cut week 5 of flower, i no its gunna root but i noticed last time the bud started to turn grey almost like it was molding. any advice? can't even guy a pack of wounded warrior anymore.
  2. vangs

    Is It Ok If My Plants Finish 1.5ft From Light Ficture

    my plants are in the last week of flower, plants are about foot and half from light reflector... i can raise the reflectors but my plants don't have any light burn, does that mean i can keep the lights the way they are.. someone said even if theirs no light burn, the buds degrade from the heat...
  3. vangs

    Can I Use Overdrive Week 7

    im beginning week 7 on tuesday.. normally i run pk9-18 up to the end of week 7 then flush for a week.. but im all out for a few days.. will it be ok if i use a bottle of overdrive i got lying around for a feeding today and probably monday aswell and then by the time week 7 starts on tuesday i...
  4. vangs

    6 Out Of 12 Gavita Fixtures Won't Turn On After Transformer Blew

    the transformer in the building went, and had to get replaced but when it went all my power went and now 6 out of 12 lights won't turn on... just to make sure it was the lights, i plugged them into all 3 of my lighting controllers and they didn't work, and then i plugged the other 6 and they did...
  5. vangs

    Does Anyone Know If The Helios 15 Lighting Controller Has A Fuse Inside?

    something that could blow and would need to get replaced... my box stopped working.
  6. vangs

    Week 5 Flower, I Think I Got Hermit Plants. What To Do

    so out of my whole room . 24 plants.. i got 5 purple chem that i got feminized seeds from cali conn and their showing signs of hermies. i don't know for sure if that what it is, but it looks like it.. what should i do?
  7. vangs

    Help.. No Lighting For 2 Days.. What To Do

    i just started week 5 of flower, and the transformer at my building is acting up. the electrician said 1 of the 3 poles in the breaker box cannot keep the power, he tested it and he said 2 of the poles are reading 130volts and one of the poles is reading around 30-40 volts.. he said the...
  8. vangs

    Dip N Grow, Questions For Ya.

    Ok so I'm looking into trying dip n grow, does anyone know if your suppose to drench the rock wool cubes with the cloning solution? I know you have to let the cuttings sit in the diluted solution for a few minutes, but what about the rock wool cubes, do you guys predrrnch them with the same...
  9. vangs

    Need New Way To Clone With Cloner

    i had 60% rate and it took 2 weeks, idk if the fact the water was warm delayed the rooting cuz I never change the water. I fill it with ro water and add clonex solution and that's it, I check it 2 weeks later. Water gets warm.. some people told me to add heavy16 roots or elite91, but I don't...
  10. vangs

    Do Clones Need Light?

    Do clones need light? I usually just keep my cloner in the corner of the veg room where a nano 1k shines on them but barly, and I noticed my clones took a little longer to root but then that could of been from the water being warm, but yeah should I keep the cloner directly under a light or is...
  11. vangs

    Does Anyone Think Heavy16 Veg Base Has Little N?

    I use heavy16 veg a and b and I feel like the plants are always light green, never dark green. Anyone recommend anything better ?
  12. vangs

    What's The Application Per Gallon For Avid?

    How much avid do I need per gallon? IN ML
  13. vangs

    Is Avid Safe To Use On Your Plants?

    I heard avid is what you need for spider mites. Is it safe to use?
  14. vangs

    Afterlife Og By Exotic Genetics

    just won a pack of afterlife OG (ghost rider OG x star fighter f2 TA and flowering says 50-56 days. Has anyone ever grown this out? Found any good 50 day phenos ? Anyone got any dry flower pics or any info on this strain?
  15. vangs

    Can't Find A Pump Strong Enough

    I've been a hand feeder but I'm looking to try a irrigation system, I got halo rings, and. Aqua submersive 1200ghf but it doesn't pump shit. Barly can get water to 3 halo rings let alone 24. Can someone tell me what to do? Do I need a mag drive pump? Or just a stronger pump like 2000ghf.. wtf...
  16. vangs

    Will An Ionizer Kill Powder Mold?

    Will an ionizer kill powder mold? It's usued to kill regular mold and mold spores. Lots of ppl run it with acs and filters on so it can kill an mold spores..
  17. vangs

    Can You Infect Your Growing Area With Pm Bud?

    If someone buys a couple units of flower that has powder mold all over it and brings it into his growing area, can powder mold spores be distrubutrd into the air from the buds and infect the whole area?? Or does it only happen from pm infested plants and plant leaves?
  18. vangs

    Finally A Place To Get Rooted Clones In Ri Or Ma

    If anyone is looking for rooted clones in ri or mass you should check out rieliteclonez... he has alot of strains all, including 3 strains over 30%.. his instagram is RI_eliteclonez
  19. vangs

    Can You Really Preserve Cuttings With Water?

    im going to take cuts at location a and then i need to drive 10min to another location... opeople say if you cut them and submerge them in water, they will be fine.. is that true? how long will they last in water? i dont want air getting into the cutting and killing it.
  20. vangs

    When Can I Start Giving Seedlings Nutes?

    just popped 10 purple chem, 11 grandpas breath, 11 foul mouth, 11 grand slam v2, 2 moonshine haze, 10 pugs breath, 10 wounded warriors breath. every things good so far, ive been feeding just water, their about to start showing 3 sets of leaves. when can i start feeding them nutes? its been so...