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    What Would It Taste Like?

    Never mind 8 pale ales.
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    What Would It Taste Like?

    Listing to smoke DZA= crazy glue. What would happen if you crossed OG blueberry( Dj short.) With some kind of OG (TK, Lommpa underdog,.....)
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    Doctors who recommend more plants?

    seamainden & green merecy said it befor 99 ok 100 FEDERAL PRISON.
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    Earth Juice Organics and Coco

    earth juice is the sh!t. I started using e.j and black gold back in 98 and i,ve tryed allmost every outher kind of neut since then & im back to where i started. But if u want da real truth u need organics with synthetics! Any basic base bloom is cool gh,bonticare pb4soil,cutting edge,h&g & all...
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    C.A.P XGC-1E Vs. Sentinel CHHC-1

    i think sentinal only if cap made theres with a remote sniffer.
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    Yuba County

    I`m totaly jokEing.hahaahlol hey freedy we use 3.5-14x50scopes in .223 & 7.62x39 in my hood with cans(suppresors).if u get past that its C.Q.B with .45's & blades. Or we use lexas law (computer program that D.O.J uses to find people.)& if u have a car,house,smud,pg&ecomcast or anything elese...
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    insulated ducting negative air pressure

    thermoflo insulated ducting is the best on the market hands down.after installing numorus systems. the depot shit gets pin hole leaks after 1 use.but the depot & lowes have insulated ducting just ask.
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    Buds not retaining smell! Help!

    not fabric bot the stems from buds iv'e been prive to buds wet trimed put on racks & same buds hung 4 10-20 days then dry trimed & proof was in the final product.wet trim=$150oz/dry trim=$200.
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    MOAB, is it worth it?

    i think moab & kool bloom powder& r close to same things.
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    pvc leaks

    we call it blue glue. same place they sell the purple\primer & the clear\glue. its called rain or shine, i think sky blue lable. used 4 swimming pools.
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    good story rapeist.jk#24. you got pics? but then agin im a new-B.
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    Lucas Formula

    please fell free to shcool me. i allmost started my own thread but i think it belongs here. I've been using (rockwool&hydrotron) lucas maxibloom+liquid koolbloom+calmag+silica+dry koolbloom as pk enhancer. for 10+years in some form or another.with limited sucsess. I've had the oppertunitey to...
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    Choosing the righd LED

    as i posted befor im brandnew to this L.E.D tech. please school me. can u point out something comparable until sunlight supply drops theres.jk. or am I.:bong-hits:
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    Foliar feeding???

    Thers a product that is made by xtreme gardening called calcarb.It's mined from calicium carbonate & when foliar sprayed it breaks down to calicum oxide &carbon dioxide. which is pulled through stomata
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    Choosing the righd LED

    why has all auto industery moved to led's? 1250ho is the industreys best hands down. pleaze show me another set up 560-580watt total draw pulling 540-560grams. u cant compare hps 2 led . two diffrent animals.(more potency?still waiting on samples)(little 2 no heat)(life of bulbs) up untill i...
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    Choosing the righd LED

    im brand new to this whole led stuff.i got to plug in a sg1250ho.whole shit! 50watt silcone waffers,3watt singles 1200watts & supposed to only draw 3.?amps. im used to runing bare bulb & this is just as intence or even more so. $3200.00msrp.but cum talk to us & will get u a pics...
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    help keeping a clone..

    san deigo may b not in nothern cali still snow on ground till 5\15 0r 6\15 depending on elavation.
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    help keeping a clone..

    I would wait until the weather warms up a little.somewhere between 4-1&5-1.Some times i cant get them into the ground untill 6-1.(snow). or build a mini green house with 2x3's & clear plastic.
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    In trouble again

    thats it sundance. cannes of the west. i thought that u were driveing while in possesion & intoxicated. my bad just a glass pipe with rezidue. fuk ill stere clear of that town.not giting my contributions.
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    In trouble again

    All kidding aside good luck & take test serriously. I think u should take your lick's like an adult.what you guna tell your kid if he or she is doing same thing.speeding. with loaded pipe within your car. they didnt waste tax dollars the reason that they did this is becuse you were...