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    Help the doo-doo man!!!

    Just moved and have to start over, I need to know what is the BEST all in one grow box or tent to use since space is a premium now. I have no experience with these but I need to veg. and flower in the same box. I have about 1000 to 2000 to spend. I need something to accomodate 4 to maybe 8...
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    Tell doo-doo man what is he doing wrong with these damn seed!!!

    Ok, farmers I got some Ogiesel from the bay. Germinated the beans with the shot glass method ALL sprouted taps. Ok, transferred them to mini rockwool cubes that are in a humidity dome with heat basically an incubator. Two of the seedlings kinda grew some but after 2 weeks I pulled on of the...
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    Should the point of the seed be placed point up or point down?

    Hi farmers! My question is I am getting ready to germinate my beans, I germ them in rockwool, and an old school grower told me that the way you place the point, up or down, helps it germ. For the life of me I cant remember which way he said for it to be placed in the rockwool. Is this a true...
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    opinions on next grow

    getting ready to start next grow I want a POWERFUL INDICA that i can manipulate to stay short. I grow indoor, and just want a couple of opinions...thanks from the doo-doo-man
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    Ontario seed bank plz help

    I have had a terrible experience with ontario seed bank. I ordered the feminised white widow and ak-47 seeds from them. I got all in all about 20 seeds from him, not including the freebies he threw in. Only 12 fucking germinated and out of the 12 all but 2..let me repeat that..ALL BUT 2 ...
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    seed germination soil vs. rockwool

    Please help the doo-doo man!!!! I got some seeds from a bank. I basically probably got fucked but anyhow, I have a hydrponic system the seeds were sort of green in color I started in rockwool and 40 of the 50 seeds did NOTHING!! You could press the seeds in your hand and it was like mush...
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    help the doo doo man please!!

    opinions are welcomed. What I want to know is , running an indoor grow room what is/are the BEST nutrient to use during the flowering stage? Since my fellow farmers are more experienced than me I would like to know what different people use or should I stick with what I use now. just trying to...
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    hello fellow farmers

    hello to everybody, please bear with me Im new to forums and computers for that matter. Just looking to find a group of well educated people and steer me in the right direction. I extend my hand in friendship to all. Thanks