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    building an under current system, have? ??'s

    i actually tried using 2" uniseals on 5 gallon buckets before and the 2" was too large to m ake a water tight seal. Just wondering if you ever got this to work. If so, any tips on getting the 2" uniseals to work with the 5 gallon buckets?
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    DIY 'Under Current' RDWC style hydro; low cost, high output!

    thanks for sharing this ttystikk. I'm currently trying to plan my next grow and would love to use the 1" flexible hose with 5 gallon buckets as well. I always assumed, based on posts from other rwdc users, that the 1" hose would certainly clog with roots. Any tips or suggestions as how you...
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    does anyone pre treat their coco with insecticide?I dont want anymore root aphids!!

    unfortunately, met 52 did not work for me in coco like it has for some. I truly wished it did but i ended up switching mediums to prevent reinfestation.
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    Info on Met52??

    great to hear!
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    Info on Met52??

    Do you have any idea, park, if this will be sold on a ebay store or online somewhere? The product itself sounds very promising, but lack of availabilty through regular channels can be an issue for some. thx
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    Info on Met52??

    really? i don't see it
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    diy vertical uc design question

    texas, thx for the advice. i was thinking of putting the return line at the bottom of the last bucket in the circle. I understand that for a traditional 'square' setup, the T return line makes an even flow through both sides. However, for a circular setup. Is there still an advantage if...
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    diy vertical uc design question

    I am currently designing a new setup and was considering the undercurrent in a vertical configuration. The plan was to create a hexagon with 6 plant sides connected together with 60 degree elbows. In a circular setup such as this one, i'm not exactly sure if i should bother with the...
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    CAP Ebb & Gro: Anyone using this system?

    hey, i was thinking about trying something very similar to this. could you talk about the growth rates in comparison to filling the buckets with rock. also, what kind of issues have you run into?