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    Air Pots with CoCo

    Has anyone used these Air Pots in a CoCo run? If so what are your likes dislikes about them. Did you notice a quicker growth ? Larger harvest ? Im interested. stu :joint:
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    NEW 2 room build out Perpetual Design and Build

    Hey guys haven't even finish my first grow in my tent in my UC set up, and I already have plans to go bigger. The build out will consist of two rooms. A 8'x7'8"x8' veg room. It will have a 4x4 tray DTW w/ a 50 gallon rez. Looking to grab a 4' 8 bulb T5 light to provide light for the tray and...
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    UC 4XL under 1000 watt in 5x5 hydrohut OG Kush & Pre 98 Bubba

    HEY EVERYONE! This will be my 1st run at a hydro system I have several soil grows under my belt and want to see something more rewarding. Strains will be; Pre 98 Bubba OG Kush from 10 year old mother. Will be F2 Genetics are CRAZY on both of these plants. Will have to learn what...