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    Seal fiber pots with plastic bags to control indoor humidity ?

    Hello all,i hope everybody reading this ,is really well !! So ,Growdudes , I am trying to control the ambience environment and seal my bedroom with my tents so i can use my exhale co2 (Over 1500 ppms measured everymorning ) and use it with the summer days hot temperatures for faster...
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    Terra Preta Soil Needed With Worm And Bunny Manure .

    Hello fellow growers and breaders !! I have made some soil for my mothers i am going to plant . It consists of 5% terra preta (emiko bokashi is the German company) , canna coco for seedlings,worm /bunny manure 25% ,perlite+pumice rocks 25%,zeolite ,attapougite ,minimal use of epsom and...