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  1. Mr.jiujitsu

    Review: All in Capsule - making gel capsules of decarbed cannabis

    So I decided I wanted some super low cal edibles and decided it was time to try making gelatin filled capsules. I purchased this, “All In Capsule” , that allows a used to fill 100 capsules at a time. I watched the video, unpacked and verified it came with all listed components. I had...
  2. Mr.jiujitsu

    Vermont 2019 white critical and blueberry outdoor grow

    Have a couple ladies that I have been growing for some time now, ready to go outside. This year I started with 3ftx3ftx1.5ft boxes lined with weed control fabric. I have filled these with some home made soil of my own design. I will most likely be making a Scog based setup on top and...
  3. Mr.jiujitsu

    White critical single plant ScrOG 4x4 quantum board

    This is my first attempt at a songle Plant in a 4x4. My goal is 90% coverage. I could talk about my gear, but I have enough in previous posts. 9 132qb boards on potentiometers, in a 4x4 tent. Currently running around 500w and still at 24hr light. I will defoliate hard below the canopy in the...
  4. Mr.jiujitsu

    I’m Back

    Been busy for a minute and haven’t posted but I’m still alive and choking people. Continuing to grow and loving every bit of it. Hope to update my diaries shortly but wanted to give a shout out to the few people who have enjoyed my posts. Looks like lots of good things happening here, keep up...
  5. Mr.jiujitsu

    Airistech “airis 8 Portable Vaporizer 2 In 1 Dab And Dip” Review

    Here is the airis 8 dab and dip portable vaporizer for consentrate. Looks pretty cool, can pick these up for around 25$ som not sure what to expect. Unboxed- well packaged, includes a dab tool, charging cable, cleaning tools, dab “cart” and instructions Instructions Airis 8...
  6. Mr.jiujitsu

    Apx “volt” Pulsar Variable Voltage Wax/consentrate Review

    I will update this as time moves forward. This is APX newest portable vape for wax and consentrate, it’s known as the volt. Great artwork on this Unpacked Coil - pure quartz coil-less cup More review to come - currently charging
  7. Mr.jiujitsu

    New Toy- Digital Heat Plate With Auto Mixing

    Picked up this new toy to assist with making tintures as well as any controller heating and mixing process. I will review how well it works and post links later if anyone is interested. This is a cheap model, under 60$ but actually looks like it’s not a bad unit. Currently testing it to see if...
  8. Mr.jiujitsu

    How Much Are You Yielding Is A 4x4

    keep it simple. Please post how much your yielding in a 4x4, how many plants, strains(s), natural or training method, lighting (type and wattage). Thanks I thought this would be good information for people to look back on and let us look at some difference in both varieties, yields and methods...
  9. Mr.jiujitsu

    Apx Wax Pulsar Portable Wax Vaporizer Review

    I forgot I had bought this and decided to try it out. Figured I would throw up a review for others. Inside is the pulsar, small dab tool, silicone container and user manual (possible charging cable that I left out when I opened it previously). I used it with two bars lit as I had charged it like...
  10. Mr.jiujitsu

    Stop Using Neem- Interesting Read Supporting Many Of Us And Our Views Towards Chs
  11. Mr.jiujitsu

    Ardent Lift First Run And Continuous Review

    Wanting to play with some decarbed flower and concentrate I went and bought the ardent lift at the advise of another member. I decided to run what would fit of some recently cured white widow. I set aside an oz and started to load it. This is fluffy and I weighted the product and will have to...
  12. Mr.jiujitsu

    Blueberry Kush

    wanted to start a log on my blueberry kush. These two should both be clones of my original blueberry kush from growers choice. I may have made a mistake and the one I defoliated today may be a white widow, I really am hoping I am wrong but the leave make up does look different from the two...
  13. Mr.jiujitsu

    Bay Lite Heating And Cooling Controller

    I forgot I had a digital duel heating/cooling controller. With my veg tent running cooler and cooler due to winter weather I decided it was time to set this up. I’m hoping to get a steady 75f without a huge humidity jump. In this case I’m not using the heating output and i am running the main 4”...
  14. Mr.jiujitsu

    Qb 18 Red Supplemental Lighting

    Has anyone uses the new QB18 red supplemental lighting strips? I want to add some red supplemental lighting, but at 50$ per strip I think it’s a bit pricey. I have this 24v power supply I’m thinking I...
  15. Mr.jiujitsu

    Have You Ever Used A Dental Ultrasonic Stain Eraser To Clean Glass?

    So basically I was thinking about how even when I clean my bangers they get residue build up. I only use isopropyl alcohol when cleaning, and have a bunch of old unused sealed tattoo needles that work great for manually getting rid of some of the tough stuff. At any rate I ordered one of these...
  16. Mr.jiujitsu

    What Is The Most Abnormal Colored Strain You Have Grown, Please Submit Photos

    What is the most abnormal colored strain you have grown, please submit photos. I am looking for a project and I’m in search of genetics that have unusual coloring. Somthing abnormal. If you came of these from a seed bank please tell. I have played with temperature and feeding to entice a greater...
  17. Mr.jiujitsu

    Blueberry Kush - Submission Training - Round Two

    Both these ladies are clones from the blueberry kush I ran last round. I have been training them and had just let them go for awhile. Gave them some nice training and trimming last night. I wasn’t happy with the results of the white widow so I won’t be growing that again right off. Hope to...
  18. Mr.jiujitsu

    Vanilla Kush And Personal Strain Quantum Board- Scrog 4x4 Tent

    Just dropped these girls into my flower tent. Dropped the ScrOG on them and started the spread. Wanted to post a video and so I figured I start this post with a short walk around. Running 9 qb132 at 60w each currently. Soil grown, transplanted twice, vegged around 120 days. Started from clones...
  19. Mr.jiujitsu

    Power Outage

    had a power outage for around 36hrs. Luckily the flower tent is done. I had a small burple panel I set up to keep a few under lights and a little led desk lamp over the new seedlings. I let some light leak over to the big girls that are about ready to flip. I survived lol and so did the plants...
  20. Mr.jiujitsu

    Dulytek Dw6000 Automatic 6000lb Electric Press

    I have been wanting to get into rosin making for some time. After a lot of research I finally sprang in the Dulytek DW6000. It was amazing well packaged.