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    Reptisafe dechlorinator?

    So I have tap water that not only comes out above 8 PH but also has high levels of chlorine and chloriminates(sp?) My friend said he uses this and it hasnt been detrimental, says it has electrolytes and shit too. Having a plant or two I need to address this with, I wanted to give it a shot, but...
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    When the going gets sticky, not in a good way,

    What kind of dehumidifiers are preferable for a 10×10 room that stays at rh of 65 to 73ish and I feel this isn't going to change soo enough. Favorite dehumidifiers anyone?
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    My gggggirls 14 days in flower got 7 straw kush, 2 stinkyLarry, 2 blue dream and the rest are aks, the tiny ones are seeds, 3 blood orange and 2. Kough drop from crickets and Duke diamond. All diff veg times clearly just brought the smells up today, so should be seeing signs by friday or saturday
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    When are the trichromes ideal for bubble hash?

    I have been looking around and have been unable to find any information on when the optimum time for harvesting if you intend to make bubble hash out of the sugar leaf and smaller buds? Let me also state that i have been using bubble bags or payloads for a decade, so I do not need tips or...
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    KIS Organics?

    Anyone used their products? Came recommended, want a second opinion for my AACT Compost teas next go. I am done with compensations in the form of powders. And I am also done with piecing together a bag of this and a bag of that from over here and over here to make my own "Custom Blend". I just...
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    Post your favorite mid to late flower P-K booster

    Hey out there everyone! So I just switched to flower, and I wanted to see what terpene enhancer/bud denser or PK booster is your favorite? I have used True Signal 0-0-3.1 in the with mixed results, and would really like to maximize the effectiveness of what I am adding. Maybe something with a...
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    bad ladybug?

    I recently found circular holes in one, and only one of my plants leaves, upon inspection I found a single, yellow ladybug.... Now from what I was told is ladybugs are beneficial, but I have also heard there are bad ones as well, but never came into contact with any, but I suspect that it is the...
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    earth juice seablast?

    anyone use it before? came highly recommended from a friend but the numbers are really high! She does mainly outdoor and i am wondering if it something that is only beneficial for larger plants? I have a few that I was going to save for moms but changed my mind, and have been using on them, 2...
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    If I am using a Co2 tank with no regulator or sniffer

    My room is 8x9x8, I am or 3 weeks from flowering, and I have hit the wall for my budget, I went ahead and bought everything i would need need and hit a wall cash wise before I could get into c02. Hell I am barely able to keep temp wthout running the a/c all day, so I figure some c02 will at...
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    For any math whizzes in the crowd

    So let me start by saying, that I was, and still am great at basic math, but when it comes to algebra through calculus, it might as well be Japanese. So, if I had an 8x9ft area, how many 1 gal pots would fit in that area at a 6.5' diameter? I was thinking about doing the sea of green method...
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    COB vs the "gram per watt rule"?

    So I used to use mh and hps years ago in california, and am currently waiting for my state to pass a bill that allows cultivation for personal use, and in the meantime ive been doing some reading on led and chip on board grow lights. As per my experiences using your old school hoods i had been...