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  1. Balanque

    Weird Ass Seedling

    What are your guys' thoughts on this weird seedling? Think it will do anything? Seems to be a tiny bit of growth in the middle, and it's growing, day by day. But kinda don't know what will happen. I didn't do anything to it, literally just also noticed the second pic while I was posting this...
  2. Balanque

    Questions For You Led Folk

    So I was going to build an led setup. I was thinking of running vero29 3ks. But I need help, I have zero patience to learn anything Im not fully interested in, but I want to build some cobs so I can run my second CMH in flower while retaining my veg quality and speed. So whatever, I order 4 of...
  3. Balanque

    Grow Library, Seeds, Clones, Blasting.

    Starting some stuff, people might learn a few things, I may become the student, should be interesting. Veg under 315cmh in a 6x2 area, confident It would cover much larger if not for being in a closet. 18/6 light cycle. Flower is a 315cmh in a 3x3 I use the Medi one kit from green planet with...
  4. Balanque

    Hps + Cmh

    Couple questions for setting up a large grow. Say I have a 15 x 15 foot area, would 8 1000w hps and a 1000w de cmh in the middle (5x5 each) be sufficient and allow for some overlap among them? Basically i want the cmh supplementing the HPS. Are my calculations appropriate as far as footprint...
  5. Balanque

    6 Weeks Yellowing What Do I Do?

    So this is my alleged pink kush plant from this is 6 weeks tomorow, she can't be ready. Should I continue feeding? Is she trying to be a fast finisher? Any thoughts on what would be best at this point? Shes the unsightly one on the left.
  6. Balanque

    Breeding And Tent Possible Issue

    So I had a female of a certain seed stock, had some issues with the seeds when I was starting them, lots never popper, and I ended up with 3 plants. 2 were female and i got 1 male, since these seeds were relatively expensive i decided to polinate a bud on the female in my tent. I did not go...
  7. Balanque

    3 Leaf Fans, Deformed Leaves Since Seedling

    Attached a picture, plant is a white widow fem i got for free with a seed order. Has been this way since she was a seedling, hasn't affected any of my other plants. Anyone know what is up with the bent fan leaves and how most of them are only 3 leaves? Started her off under 4, 4 foot t5ho of...