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  1. basscaptain

    2020 Let the Games Begin.....

    1 of the holes from last yrs bs auto try.... . 58 degs so here goes thcb2 to her new home
  2. basscaptain

    Need Driver Help

    ok we will just cut though the BS since I'm not going to drive the 2700k and 3000k Strips with this Hlg-185H-24B that was sold to me after I made sure everyone in the loop KNEW what i was using it for...... 3 85w strips running at 2.-2.5 ma So What do I buy to run these.... Straight UP...
  3. basscaptain

    New Year 2020

    Hope you all had a Great new yrs eve.... and are SAFE.....>>>>>>>>>>> Have a GREAT 2020....It's all on you and your Drive it can make it Good/Great ... That's on You......
  4. basscaptain

    Take a look around.....

    No matter what happens in life you can always adapt overcome sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. I know this will get moved this isn't the quite quite the place for it
  5. basscaptain

    Not sure where this should go

    Not even sure if this is aloud here, So if not Mod's just pull........>>>>>>>>>>> Anyway my pup problem just keeps going..... so if someone that lives in Tn area, that LOVES Dogs and needs a pup, I have 3 that Need to go to Good homes in 12 weeks or so.... I would be willing to meet the person...
  6. basscaptain

    How fast ????

    Ok all....???? Really how fast can you go start to finish in a tent???? 90 days or 120???? Ty
  7. basscaptain

    Need Help

    My question is, is this just a weed or could this be blue dream? I planted a seed in this area and I've never seen a one leaf plant before.... so I'm kind of curious to know if it could be blue dream or not it's supposed to be a blue dream feminized....I have got to know a lot of the plants...
  8. basscaptain

    Fox Farm???

    My ? is for the people that use Fox Farm , should I use Happy Frog, Ocean or mix the 2.................................... when I go to put these beans in soil
  9. basscaptain

    not sure were to put this

    but is az2000 ok...??? havn't seen a post in a few weeks???
  10. basscaptain

    ??? for Mars Hydro......

    I would Like to give you a chance to sell Me on why I should Buy one of your lights ( say the cob since it's buy 1 get 1 free ) If I wanted to light up a 36x36x70 tent..... ?? the price of both lights your giving away is around 250.00$$$ I can get this light shipped to me for less$$$ (have...
  11. basscaptain

    High Iron in well water???

    Post says it all, I'm starting to think my well water has a lot of Iron in it, how will that mess with seed and young ones???? I have not tested my water but I think I will soon, I was watching erics dogs for 2 days and they have lived here 2 yrs, I asked him why there was so...
  12. basscaptain

    Fox farm happy frog

    I ran across this last night at a new store that opened up. Seen someone asking about it, so here's a pic
  13. basscaptain

    the crazy stuff you do

    so I had made a move this yr and was not going to really grow till next yr I put out 10 autos in a area just for the h.ll of it.... Oh 1st off Hi ... I'm New Here..... A few weeks ago I was cutting some Grass and run across a plant that I wasn't sure what it was... So I just posted on here to...
  14. basscaptain


    Just getting ready, so what I have done is got a few extra's.... lol ( I'm sure you seen ) So I'm going to run the sun cmh in 1 tent, I have 3 240w leds coming, so I'll put 2 in 1 tent, them I got a 3rd tent for the last one.... ... I guess I went over $ 500,00 for lights I have 10 reg...
  15. basscaptain

    Well a Deer got to the 1st set of Autos

    I drop 10 autos down / around a spring I have on the back side of of my place.. they came up and was doing good these I was just letting grow on there own and I went to check on them and there gone... they were 6 weeks old:(,
  16. basscaptain

    az2000 ???

    I have a few ?? for you sir.. If you just moved and was looking to start growing in new area, and you wanted to set up to be able to grow both indoors and Out, how would you set up to go?? lets say you have max 500.00 to spend on lights. but would like to spend less if possible.. Mid/upper/ TN...
  17. basscaptain

    Well you all made me do it

    Hi all, I was going to wait till next yr to do a outdoor grow since I just moved a few months ago and no really ready. But with all these pics and etc I just said screw it... Since it's so late I dropped Auto Fems in Cherry Kush , Caramelicious, Amnesia and Blue Dream....
  18. basscaptain

    Can someone tell me what this plant could be

    HI all, I just moved to Tennessee this yr, and I was cutting some grass area down and ran into this plant. Any idea's???