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    Plant Grafting

    I currently have four strains and i would like to have it all on one plant to flower it. How do i do it?
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    Should my drippers be on???

    Hey Farmers! I was wanting to know if i should hve my drippers on while the lights are out??? ive benn having this proble with wilting right befor the lights go out after the 18. but when they come back on after the six they look great. Could this be an issue
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    Wilting plants Ebb & flow X 8

    Hey Farmers! Ive been growing for a little over a year and i have recently come across what i assume to be a problem... I have eight Sage and sour in ebb and flow with drippers. They are a little over a month old and they are doing great. However they are wilting down befor the end of the 18...
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    Ebb and Flow 8 400

    Hey im new to thcfarmer. Seems like a very cool site. Deff alot of help here if you can find it. I have a question for you guys. My clones are about two months old and doing great...but when it gets close to "lights out" they seem to wilt down like there is a problem. but when it is time to turn...